5 Trending Android Apps You Should Use At Least Once In Your Life

From Uber that can drive us anywhere we want, to Google Wallet that pays your bills, we rely on apps for all our needs. We spruce up our smartphones with apps that entertain us, inform us and stimulate us, whenever we want, wherever we want. But! With such a huge collection of apps in the Playstore, smartphone users may feel a bit rudderless. Worry no more! We have prepared a list of some of the most trending android apps to help you get the best out of your phone.


Google Opinion Rewards

Yay! You have found your favorite app in the Playstore, and it’s paid (facepalm). If you want an escape from this feeling, try Google Opinion Rewards. This free app allows you to actually get money by filling up some quick surveys conducted by Google. You can use this money in the Playstore to buy paid apps or even to pay for your in-app purchases.


Google Opinion Rewards will ask you to fill up some fundamental demographic details, like your political affiliation, location (suburb or city), in order to provide you with the most relevant surveys.


If your phone’s battery drains quicker than you think, you need Greenify. We use our smartphones for calling, messaging, social networking, internet surfing, clicking pictures, listening to music, and so on. But every app you use —either built-in or downloaded—eats up your battery life. Not to mention, the apps that sit quietly in the background feeding on your battery even when you’re not using them.


Greenify tells you about how much battery different apps have been using. It also stops dead the heavy apps, when they are not being used and instantly starts them when you want to use them.

Avast Antivirus & Security

Your phone is constantly connected to the Internet and it can easily open doors to malware and antiviruses. Avast antivirus & security is an effective antivirus app you can blindly rely on. Agree! Some of the features are paid, such as remote data recovery and geofencing, but if you are looking for free, basic security solution, Avast antivirus android app is the sure way to go.


Opera Max

Nothing can be more nerve-wracking than a slow internet connection or a limited data volume. Opera Max can help you put your web browsing in the first gear. It trims down the size of media (images and videos) and accelerates the website load times while consuming a fraction of data generally used. To save your data, you can also limit some apps to be active only when your device is connected to the Wi-Fi.



Found something you would want to view afterwards, save it on Pocket. From articles to videos, you can save anything on pocket easily and view it when you may not be connected to the Internet. With a pocket, you can also have something to read or view, even in Tube trips, flights and long train excursions in signal black holes. It can help you save media directly from your web browser or leading news applications, such as Flipboard, Twitter, Zite and Pulse.


So these were 5 Android applications you should have on your phone. If there are other apps that you bring to light, please do share it with us in comments.

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