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5 iPhone Quiz Apps to Give Some Exercise to Your Brain

When was the last time you gave a good workout to your brain? If it’s been a long time, all you need is your iPhone and some good apps in it to get your mind some exercise. Well, there are loads of quiz apps out there that can help you enhance your problem solving skills in an entertaining way.

Some of those quiz apps are listed below:

1. MovieCat 2

movie cat

This is an exciting cat-themed trivia game on iOS. Equipped with 9 lives, you should try scoring as high as possible by guessing different movie trivia bits from clues that would be presented in various ways. Can you recognize a movie by a scene where a cat acts out, or by three iconic dresses? With the right blend of variety, humor and obscure trivia, this quiz app makes a fun trivia game accompanied with a unique presentation.

Price: $1.99

2. SongPop


SongPop is a multi-platform, free music quiz app, which offers a "name the artist/tune" challenge. The game doesn’t offer any single player experience, it’s completely a multi-player, head-to-head game. You can earn coins during the matches, and the coins can be employed for unlocking more number of playlists for the head-to-head challenges. The players who are a bit impatient, may use real cash also, for buying more playlists. Tunes come in a wide variety, and you can get some longevity with the unlockable playlists.

Price: Free

3. Jeopardy!


Join the TV classic Jeopardy!, with iOS and Android games. Similar to the TV show, the mobile app, Jeopardy!, involves players competing over quiz questions covering different topics. The app has in-game avatars that are customizable. The game modes are - local wi-fi (only for iOS), pass-and-play multiplayer, and single player. The game offers concessions for mobile format, and it has multiple choice questions instead of written down ones. Jeopardy! makes an entertaining as well as solid trivia app.

Price: $1.99

4. Trivia: Freddy & Friends

Trivia : Freddy & Friends

Here comes a great trivia app for the the fans of "Five Nights at Freddy’s". You think you are a true Freddy fanatic? If yes, download this app and answer the questions related to the game. Simple, but very addictive, the trivia app would make a great pass time. It doesn’t require registration, and you can play the first two levels for free, in which you would get a feel of how much fun and excitement it has. The game even tells you where you make mistakes. You can play the game with your friends too.

Price: Free

5. QuizUp


QuizUp is an immensely popular trivia game for iOS. The app offers a broad selection of question categories for the trivia, a polished and sharp interface, and a diverse gamer following for playing against worldwide. Rounds in the app are fast paced affairs, and players score based on how fast they are able to answer a multiple choice question series. Added to the the question variety and slick presentation, there’s a strong social aspect in the app, letting you play against friends, discuss categories and questions, and chat with the other players.

Price: Free

So, ready to do some brain workout? Go ahead and download one or more of these quiz and trivia apps. Play them in your leisure or whenever you feel bored.

If you have any questions, please ask below!