5 Desktop Email Clients That Make Emailing Easy

Running a small business is hard work and if you’re not on the phone to suppliers or customers you can be sure you’re trying to sieve your way through hundreds of emails or hunting down an email address online. Luckily for you and your business, you can make things more efficient by taking advantage of one of the many desktop email clients on the market. Desktop email clients are brilliant products as they automatically fetch new emails and notify you if you have any unread ones, plus provide you with many other excellent features.


These clients are massive time savers and should be considered if you are trying to make your time as a business owner more productive. If you are looking for a new desktop email client, have a look at five of the most popular that are ready to serve your email needs today.

1. Thunderbird

Without question, Thunderbird is one of the most popular email clients used for desktop emailing purposes. Unfortunately, though, it’s no longer supported by developers in terms of new features, but it still gets updated from time to time with new bug fixes. Don’t let that put you off though because Thunderbird was very well developed beforehand and so it still comes with many features even some of the most well-supported email clients do not offer.

2. Nylas Mail

Nylas took the desktop email client industry by storm when it was first released in early 2016, and even though it has only been available for just over a year, it’s continuing to gain popularity quite rapidly. It’s currently very basic compared with other clients and has plenty of things to implement before it can compete with the bigger fish in the pond, but it’s on the right path and should be considered.

3. Mailbird

Another email desktop client that is worth giving a chance is Mailbird. The program is very easy and simple to navigate so you can be sure that even if you are switching from another client you will get to grips with this one easily enough. The client is also very fast and you will receive instant alerts when you receive emails, rather than 20 minutes later like you do with other clients.

4. eM Client

A go-to email client, if you like to be organized, is eM Client. eM Client offers a distinct experience than most other email clients as it is not just an email client, it also offers other features such as calendar and contact organization, which is perfect if you need to be organized. This software is free to download and works with most webmail emails like Gmail and Hotmail. It also has over one million users, so you know that it is a good choice.

5. Hiri

Hiri is a unique email client that recommends you not check your email that often as it can cause stress, but it’s certainly a client worth giving a shot if you need something simple to send and receive emails via your Windows desktop. It primarily works with Outlook and Hotmail email addresses and can be used on all operating platforms.

The above email clients are some of the current most popular available, and even if you are using another desktop application to handle your emails, give one of the above a try and you will not be disappointed with their simplicity and ease of use. Setting up the above clients are also very easy as entering your email address and password is all it takes to connect to your inbox.

If you have any questions, please ask below!