5 Definite Reasons for Which Mobile Apps are Favored Over Mobile Websites


Mobility is considered the buzzword of the 21st century. Everybody’s on the move right now. Most of them are even getting their work done on the mobile internet ranging from shopping to paying bills.

Businesses have recognized this trend through their analysis and other marketing campaigns. They have also comprehended the fact that a major chunk of their target customers are actually there on the mobile internet.

Hence, there’s one thing that’s absolutely a certainty. If you want your business to succeed you have to get yourself a mobile presence and increase your reach on the mobile internet.

Now studies have actually shown that mobile users favor apps over conventional mobile websites.

So naturally, if you want to get a significant success in your mobile campaigns, you have to get your business a mobile app that should be available for download from Google Play and iTunes for Android smartphones and iPhones respectively.

Anyway, let’s go through a few reasons to see why mobile apps are preferred over mobile websites.

  1. Improved personalization

Mobile apps give you the option to personalize user content on basis of their browsing behavior, geographical locations and interest.

You should a know a thing about “content personalization.” Content personalization is the only thing that makes browsing delightful and satisfactory from the point of view of a mobile user.

Therefore, it almost goes without saying that you have to try your best to inculcate this feature in your mobile marketing campaigns. Presenting your target users with personalized tailor-made content will do your business more good than harm.

Hence, an app becomes close to a necessity, rather than a luxury.

  1. Mobile apps provide the ease of “on-screen” notifications

Most businesses use the conventional email channel as a part of their marketing campaigns. Now I’m definitely not saying that it’s a wrong practice. Email marketing is still alive and can work well if you do it the right.

The main issues that come with email marketing come in the form of spam. Such things have a bad reputation among becoming and hence the appeal of emails have dropped a lot in the past 5 years.

App notifications can come in as your messiah. They usually come in two forms:

  • Push notifications and
  • In-app notifications

You will be able to connect with your users more effectively though the use of these notifications.

  1. Offline functionality

Okay, now this is one of the primary differences between a mobile app and a mobile website.

Mobile apps usually have a capacity to work in an offline environment. The functionality is definitely limited but the point is it can actually work at least up to a certain extent i.e. they can offer their very basic content to the users in an offline environment.

For example:

You’ll notice many bank apps providing you with the option to view your bank statement in an offline environment. Yes, that’s exactly what I am talking about. Limited functionality but hey! At least it works.

  1. Gives you the freedom of design

What’s the most annoying thing about mobile sites? The answer is: they seldom provide users with a freedom of design. They rely a lot on mobile browsers (such as the back button, the address bar, the refresh button and so on) to perform even the very basic functions of all.

With mobile apps, you won’t be facing such restrictions.

A mobile app’s designed to work in a complex environment that relies much on intricate gestures like tap, swipe, hold and so on. It gives users the freedom to do anything they want. Such freedom does bring with it unique innovation opportunities.

Always remember that your imagination is your only limitation in app-designing. How you channelize your imagination into something worthwhile is dependent entirely on you, not on the app. This is beautiful indeed; there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

  1. Last but not the least, a mobile app can contribute a lot in building your business brand value

Every business craves for a healthy brand value which is completely justified. If you want to have a huge customer base, credibility is an absolute must. Credibility contributes in building up a decent brand value.

A mobile app helps to increase your business credibility among your customers. Thus, you can very well see how it plays an indirect hand in building up your brand value in the mass market because both are interlinked with one another.

So that’s it then. “Don’t miss out” is going to be my final suggestion. Get your business a credible presence on the app stores and reap the rewards that’s going to follow as a result of that. Good luck!

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