5 Big Enterprise Application Development Trends of 2019

Transformation is evolving the business space to a large extent. It is read and seen that businesses and enterprises are being transformed by the digital revolution. No matter if the businesses are small or big, digital solutions are being deployed to gain best out of their businesses. Few factors that push transformation are:

  1. Any enterprise or business that is not evolving according to the current market trends lags behind in the competition.
  2. A business that is well versed integrated with latest technological innovations is the leader in its trade. It’s important to constantly work towards making their business grow on the latest lines of the development and advancement.

Since technologies are playing important role in everyone’s day to day life, it becomes even more essential to be technically and digitally sound.

Let’s Figure Out 5 Big Enterprise Application Development Trends that are Going to be a Sensation in 2019

1) Blockchain-Based Applications:

The blockchain is slowly but gradually taking its place in the digital trend evolution. It is one of the newest trends that we all have been hearing about. To elaborate a little, Blockchain is defined as a method of collecting data altogether. These data are stored on numerous computer systems instead of a single place thus maximizing the horizon of growth.

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It was the financial services domain for which blockchain technology was introduced in the starting. It was required for financial services where transactions were verified with the help of complex algorithms. However, post learning about its spectrum of functionalities with the passage of time, more and more industries like healthcare, gaming, the public administration started to experiment with the trend. Wherever transaction processing is involved, blockchain technology is having its breakthrough relevance in it.

2) Hybrid Apps in Enterprises

“It is seen that the demand for mobile apps will increase by five times by 2018, which means that more and more apps are needed that adapt to every device, and can be operated across different operating systems easily.”

With growing mobile usage across the globe, there had been an increase in the number of enterprise mobile apps development. And thus, enterprises are looking their way up to hybrid enterprise apps that can provide access across different operating systems, while ensuring native-like experience. Hybrid application development reduces the costs but also increases the productivity of enterprise app development.

Hybrid Apps

3) Citizen Development or Low Code Development

Widely popular trend citizen developer is the one who develops new business applications in a runtime environment that are sanctioned by the corporate IT. This trend came into existence because in the current digital world users want to have access to everything on a single tap.

“Siemens acquired the low-code development company Mendix for $730 million. This proves that low-code development will be a software development trend in 2019”.

There is no time with customers to wait months for a solution and expects solution instantly. Because of the growing demand for application solutions, enterprises were failing to provide a solution at a fast pace. Also, the IT department had not been very well equipped with cutting-edge and latest technologies that can speed up the development process. Such pressurized demands on business evolved the solutions as codes that can be written instantly with minimum lines of code and maximum performance.

4) Progressive Web Apps

Another major application development trend is PWA – Progressive Web apps, Proposed by Google back in 2015. These web apps feel like native mobile apps that make full use of the features provided by the web browser. PWA is equipped with various functionalities that minimize the challenge of using it and maximising the idea of increased productivity.

  1. PWA’s see a 68% traffic increase on average than native apps.
  2. PWA’s use 25x device storage than native apps.
  3. PWA’s load 15x faster than native apps.

Data Source: AppInstitute

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PWA have the capability to work offline and also send push notifications easily. There was this issue with enterprises to choose a native app or a mobile app since the launch of mobile applications. It was necessary to provide best in class user experience to retain mobile app users. However, while the native apps are very appealing, mobile apps lacked great experience. And hence, PWA came to the rescue.

5) Enhanced Security

1. As per a report, in the past few years, it was observed that close to 86% of the apps have experienced serious issues related to authentication, access control and confidentiality.

2. Out of the above mentioned 86%, 52% have vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, SQL injection etc. which are popular but can be controlled.

While coming up with new trends in important for the growth of the business, it is equally important to maintain high-level issues integrated with an app like Security. There had been a lot of increase in the cyber-attacks. On studying further, security attacks are more sophisticated, leaving no traces behind, and causing the downfall of the enterprise eventually.

A lot of application developers or application development team miss the whole security aspect while creating the application. Only after the entire application development, developers look into the security tangent which acts as the ground for a number of risks within the app.

This never-ending issue is the challenge due to which numerous enterprises have come up with solutions that tighten the application security and tracks any unauthorised activity in the applications.


One cannot ignore the fact that enterprise application development is the real trend right now. With time, demands are getting higher, expectations are gaining strength and businesses are looking ways to meet the demands. For an enterprise to be game player in the market, they need to evolve with the latest trend that resolves certain challenges that hinder their growth. Early adoption of application development trends would not only accelerate their progress and growth but also retain their customers throughout the challenges.

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