5 Best iPhone Coloring Apps for Adults

Color defines love, peace and fulfillment. The immense pleasure that we get from colors is the joy of soul. Each and every color tells a different story, you just need a pure heart to understand it. Even before we could learn speaking, we understood the language of color.

Sketch books, crayons and color pencils combined with our imagination, can create magic. You don’t need to be a professional painter or an artist to play with colors, the only thing you need is a pure heart bubbling with positive thoughts.

How glorious were those childhood days, when we could sit with the drawing pencil and colors and went on drawing our thoughts on paper. Those unbounded thoughts, illogical imaginations were pure pleasure. Being grown ups we just think of logic, deadlines, do’s and don’ts. It seems that we are leading a robotic life. But a huge "Thank You" to the technological advancement for inventing adult coloring apps.

Such adult coloring apps transport you to the world of colorful imaginations, where everything is so positive and serene. Colors do have a therapeutic side. Cancer patients get a tremendous relief by involving themselves with coloring. Patients suffering from depression, tension and other mental health problems, can inculcate positive vibes within them with such apps.

Different types of adult coloring book apps are available in the market.

Here is a list of 5 best coloring apps with which you can explore your colorful imaginations and convert them into a beautiful reality.

#1. Coloring

Price: FREE

coloring book

Coloring is a pure coloring app with 170 absolutely detailed and highly professional coloring templates. The images demand an extreme level of concentration to be colored, because of their detailed designs. The pictures include different animals, flowers and creatures of sea. The intricate detailing and absolute minute sections in the picture, makes the coloring experience more fun and interesting.

#2. Colorfy

Price: FREE


Colorfy is one of the best coloring apps. It is really smooth, highly sensitive and responsive. In its art gallery, you will find mandalas, patterns, oriental, gardens, messages, famous arts, cats, florals, exotic, animals, festive and more. Another very interesting thing in this app is that you can apply different backgrounds to the pictures after you have finished coloring. There are different types of color palattes available, some are free while others are paid. With this mind blowing app, you can unleash the artist within you.

#3. Color Therapy- Adult Color Book

Price: FREE

Colour Therapy

This is a good coloring app for your android phone. It has different types of mandalas to color, not only mandalas but animals and flowers also. After you have finished painting using different types of colors from your color palette you can also share it with your friends and relatives on social media sites. When you are with this app, you fail to realize when did the time fly away.

#4. Stress Relief

Price: FREE

Stress Relief Adult Color Book app

Stress Relief Adult Color Book is one of the most advanced and technically upgraded coloring book apps. This app uses art to heal you from depression, stress, PTSD, anxiety and other similar issues. Carl Jung a great psychologist understood the importance of color in healing human mind. The best part of this app is that it triggers your concentration power and takes it to a different level. While you are involved with this app, you forget all your pain, health issues and tension. Nothing but positive feeling surrounds your world.

Now let’s see what do you get in this app:

  • There are galleries of beautiful quotes, flowers, mandalas, geometric designs, birds, and patterns, having intricately detailed templates to color.
  • While coloring, what you need to do is tap on any of your favorite colors on the color palate and then fill the designs.
  • If you are not in a mood of coloring but want to see the picture getting colored, then simply click on the random coloring button and see the pictures changing color by themselves.
  • You can also share your artwork on the social media with the help of the app.
  • You can click on the motivation section and get the inspiration to draw.

So, these are the features that you can enjoy in this app. Lose yourself in the world of art and relief yourself from stress and anxiety.

#5. Mandala-Adults Coloring Book

Price: FREE

mandala coloring

This app actually focuses on stress factors. There are different types of themes available in the app on which you can easily color. Now let’s see what are the themes available:

  • Butterflies
  • Orient
  • Fairy Tale
  • Mandala
  • Sea-world
  • Floral
  • Music instruments
  • Animals
  • Africa

Among this huge variety of coloring themes, you can easily choose your favorite and color it. These pictures are all of HD quality and will increase your concentration level to the maximum.

Feeling inspired to drive away stress through coloring? Well, these apps are really effective and you can install them in your phone or tablet, and heal yourself from different kinds of mental stress. Such adult coloring apps will help you to live better and enjoy the purity and simplicity of life.

If you have any questions, please ask below!