5 Amazing Home Renovation Apps to Help Make You Remodel Your Home

Remodelling your home is now easier than ever before. Not only do you have access to better building technology, but you can also get creative ideas from any of the thousand free and premium renovation apps available.

While it is true that renovations of a certain scale will require the help of professionals, the availability of design apps means that you can carry out small home renovations on your own as a DIY project in your spare time. And where you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty, you can always show your design choice to a professional who will bring it to reality for you.

These apps cover a wide variety of features, from measuring to painting, decorating and furnishing, and they can handle virtually any scale or type of renovation.

Here, we have put together six of these apps to help you get your remodelling project done fast, creatively, and on budget.

  • Buildshop

Buildshop is a definite must-have for homeowners, builders, designers, and remodelers. This is one app that allows you to organise virtually every aspect of your home renovation project. You can even use it to estimate the total cost of the renovation so that you can create your budget accordingly.

Buildshop comes preinstalled with a wide range of features, including a project checklist and to-do list. This very helpful feature will make sure you don’t skip any essential aspect of the renovation project. You can also break down the overall project into manageable chunks, and mark off any phase you have covered.

One of the best features of Buildshop is the scrapbook, which allows you to share your design ideas with others online so you can get helpful insight from building professionals. You can download the free homeowner version, but you will have to upgrade if you want to use the builders/ professionals features.

  • BrightNest

The app for android devices is a two-in-one application that bundles a home renovation app and a household management app. On BrightNest, you can get essential DIY hacks and resources, as well as home improvement information you can use to create the house of your dreams.

There are just so many reasons why you should install BrightNest on your android device, including the opportunity to get regular personalised tips and tricks on home improvements.

  • HomeZada

HomeZada makes it easy to renovate your own without hiring a professional. With this app, you can create project tasks and set deadlines for each task. You can also use this app to create a checklist of things to do so that you don’t skip any part of the renovation process.

One amazing feature of HomeZada is the wishlist feature. This allows you to create a wishlist of the items you will need for the renovations. You can always refer to this area to determine what has been bought and what needs to be bought. You can also save this wishlist to selected stores so that you can buy what you need automatically without leaving your renovation site.

Of course, if you are working on a large scale remodelling, especially if you are doing home renovation, it is always ideal to involve an expert so that you don’t make mistakes that will compromise the structural integrity of your home.

You can install the free version of HomeZada on Android and iOS devices.

  • MeasureKit

This useful app is an all-in-one measuring tool for home renovations. With MeasureKit, you can get the correct measurements of your home from any angle. This nifty smart ruler means that you never have to wonder if the sofa you have your eyes on will fit into the new alcove you are adding to your living room.

  • TapPainter

Tap Painter solves one of the biggest problems DIY and professional home remodelers face – choosing the right paint colour. With this app, all you need to do is to take a picture of the room, tap on the section you want to paint, and the app will do the rest.

TapPainter considers light distribution, shadows, and wall edges when creating a colour scheme for your home.

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