What is the Private and Public IP Address?

Vaio_Fit_MultiFlip_TeaserThe computer present in a network is identified with IP address. It is possible to identify any network device with an IP address. The information from one computer to another computer or from one device in the network to other device in the network will be sent by addressing the IP address. Your computer will have either public or private IP address. If you host server software, IP address is required so that client's will refer the IP address to connect to the server.

Public and private IP addresses

There are public as well as private IP addresses. If your computer has a public IP addressed, it can be reached through internet. If your computer has private IP address, it shows that it is not connected to the internet. The desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and other network devices will manage unique private IP addresses when they are connected through the home network. The traffic to the local IP address will be forwarded by the router.

If you hosted a server on your computer, other computers should be aware of the public IP address so that the computer will connect to the server. If there is any computer on the same network, the private IP address is sufficient. On the other hand, if you computer is connected to the internet without the help of a router, your computer will have public IP address.

How to find private IP in Windows?

You would like to find the private IP address of your computer. In order to find the private IP address of your PC working on Windows OS, you should open the Control Panel. You can go through the ‘view network status' and ‘tasks'.

You can click on the name of the internet connection to view the status of the status. As you click on the connection's status window, you can click on Details button to know further information.

The IP address will be listed in the ‘network connection Details' window. You should look for IP4 address.

Alternately, you can perform the following steps to know the IP address:

  1. Click on ‘Start' button.
  2. Type ‘Command' in the dialogue box. (You will reach the command window).
  3. Enter ‘ipconfig' in the command prompt.
  4. You can find the IP address in the row beneath the name of your connection. The IP address might be

Finding IP address in Ubuntu

You can find IP address in Ubuntu in two ways. It can be accessed through GUI and through the terminal command.

Finding through GUI

  • Right click on the network icon (present in the notification area)
  • Click on connection information. (In addition to IP address, you will also get information including interface, driver, speed, security subnet mask, broadcast address, default route and primary DNS).

Finding through the terminal command

You can access comprehensive details by using the terminal command.

  • Click on ‘System'
  • Click on ‘Administration'
  • Click on ‘Network Tools'
  • You should select the right network device

In the devices dialogue box, you can find various tabs including Devices, Ping, Netstat, Traceroute, Port Scan, Lookup, Finger and Whois. Under the Devices tabs, you can find IPv6 and IPv4 information. The IP address is traced through the IPv4 information.

How to find public IP address?

You can find the public IP address of your computer in various ways.

If you type ‘what is my ip address' in Google search text box, your computer's public IP address will be displayed instantly. For example, in a Netgear router, you can click on ‘Router Status' so that the public IP address will be displayed without any issues. You can also find MAC address, internet, IP subnet Mask, and DNS and wireless port details.

You can go through the router manual so that the IP address can be found on the router admin page very easily. The public IP address is not fixed. It varies continuously as it will be assigned by the internet service provider. The public IP address might change from one session to another session of internet activity.

Protection of private IP address

As your private information such as IP address, internet service provider, town/city, state/region, country, browser, operating system and screen resolution is exposed to others, you might want to take steps to conceal your private information.

By using private internet access, you can hide your IP address. The data that is transferred to and fro your computer will be encrypted. Your data will not be logged in. it is possible to gain unrestricted access to internet. The service is provided by third parties so that you will be able to surf the net without any issues. Your data will not be logged and analyzed by your ISP. There will not be any aggressive marketing campaigns based on your internet usage. You can overcome the censorship and firewalls placed in the network as well.


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