Tips to Secure a Wireless Network

wirelessToday, "Internet" is a basic and primary need of everyone. We live in 21st century, which is modern and technical Era and no one can live without the internet. Every place needs an internet connection for a better communication to get more knowledge such as in homes, in business and in schools.

There are many ways to use the internet like DSL connection, ADSL connection, Cable modem connection, fiber modem, wireless network connection, broadband connection etc. Each type of connectivity has its own importance and features. Cost and service charges also depends on type of internet connection.

If we talk about flexibility in network connection, then no doubt wireless network connection is the most popular and widely used network type. Most of the people prefer it because of its flexibility, easy accessibility. The main reason behind the using of wireless connection is that it allows us to go anywhere and we can easily access the internet without tied up with our desk. In other kind of network connection, a messy cable setup has needed while wireless connection overcomes this problem.

A very major issue, which has associated with wireless network, is the security. As we know cyber crimes and data hacking is becoming very common now in every field because of lack of security. So, we have to choose a network connection type, which provides strong security features. In a wireless connection, data hacking and unauthorized access is not so typical task. Hackers can easily get privileges of your network so, it would be better to use proper security features like:-

1. Change the Name of your Default Network (SSID): When you take a wireless connection, then a service provider gives you a default network name known as SSID. With this SSID a computer can connect to another by searching a wireless connection nearby so, it would be better to change your default SSID name and make it strong, it helps in stopping unauthorized access.

2. Encryption method: It is the best way to secure a wireless network. By turning on your wireless router's encryption setting, you can easily save your data. Whenever you take a wireless connection, then a wireless router box come with disabled encryption feature so, make sure to turn on it. There are many kinds of standard are available for encryption like WEP, WPA2 and many more. You need a strong password to turn on encryption.

3. Use MAC address filtering: Every network device has a unique ID called physical address or MAC address. You can easily detect all the MAC address because wireless routers keep track of the MAC addresses of all devices that connect to them. So, a user can set their wireless connection to accept only recognized MAC addresses.

Apart from all these major features you can:
– Turn on firewall, which protects your computer from malicious access and harmful intrusions.
– Turn off a wireless network when you are not using it.
– Always use antivirus software.
– Don't broadcast name of your network.
– Turn off guest networking.

If you have any questions, please ask below!