The Benefits of Using VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP-Phone-SystemsAmong the first requirements of a business is a reliable phone system. A lot can be achieved using networked computers, but offices still need telephones for running their day to day activities. The reason is that communication is vital to running a business.

Analog phone systems are very expensive and require a lot of effort to reconfigure, scale up, or scale down as company growth or needs dictate. However, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology offers phone systems that use broadband internet connectivity and are easily scalable. In particular, hosted VoIP systems offer many advantages over the analog systems. The following are some of the benefits of using hosted VoIP telephone systems.

  1. Easy to scale up or down
    It ‘s hard to predict how many phones you may need in the future as a business, and if you use the traditional systems, you need to be very careful of estimating your phone line requirements to avoid spending money on lines that you won’t use. When using VoIP, you can add new lines as the number of users increases, and when they decrease, you can remove or reassign the lines. With VoIP Phone Systems, you can always have the correct number of phone lines you need.

  2. Easy installation, configuration, and maintenance
    VoIP systems are easy to install even with low technical know-how as long as you have the right provider accessing your needs and tailoring the system to your requirements.. With VoIP systems, you can set up and begin working immediately. With a hosted VoIP system, it is easy to make changes through the BroadConnect versatile web portal where administrators can reconfigure the system at any time. VoIP systems also do not require any hardware or complicated software to install. They only need IP phones.

  3. Portable phone numbers
    Hosted VoIP systems are ideal for field workers or staffs who travel a lot as well as remote workers. Because of the features of a cloud-hosted VoIP system, you can direct calls to any location on the global PSTN Network.

  4. It Saves money
    Saving money is the most important feature of the VoIP phone system. Legacy systems are cumbersome to set up, reconfigure and repair, and maintenance is quite expensive as well. But a hosted VoIP system not only saves money on installation costs, but the calling rates are significantly reduced. If you make many international calls in your company, these rates are typically much lower than current rates. VoIP technology offers the savings that you require to have an efficient phone system without investing vast sums of money on it.

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