How to Avoid a Communication Break During Emergencies

10921_688743897846304_305315948793967919_nThe current generation of communication devices has the capability to offer reliable communication by overcoming all possible odds. There have been significant advances in satellite communication devices and technologies so that you can communicate very easily with small handheld devices. The size of the handheld devices has been reduced, and there’s been a reduction in weight and power consumption, as well. All of this works together to create a high degree of precision. Above all, emergency communication solutions have become very much affordable.

Choosing the best maritime satellite phone means that your emergency communication channels will be live at all times. There are simple satellite phone handsets ranging from $650 to $2000, which can fit a variety of budgets. These handsets are made by various companies, and you can compare their features and prices so that you can choose the best phone for your needs. These phones always have access to reliable communication satellites so you can make calls at any time without fail. Satellite phones are available on a rental basis, as well as an outright purchase basis. Phone rentals are offered by BGAN, Iridium, IsatPhone, and MSAT.

For business continuity, you can depend on satellite phones, which have voice and data capabilities. Some of the more professional models can be expensive — the price range varies from $1000 to $20,000 and more. The features present on high-end satellite phones include IP connection for e-mail and internet/intranet access, high-quality IP streaming, and remarkable data speeds. With the smaller hardware and cost-effective access, voice and data can be transmitted simultaneously.

With first responder satellite communications, you will receive access to high-end data solutions. You can install maritime VSAT very easily so that intranet operations can be carried out without compromising security. The new generation devices come with extensive capabilities so that online and offline troubleshooting steps can be performed very easily. The data logging capabilities are enormous with high-end satellite communication systems. The modern KU-Band VSAT maritime comes with complete ‘plug & play’ architecture. There are also available units approved by Eutelsat and Anatel.

You can get remote site satellite monitoring facilities fitted by going for custom solutions. Some vessels are required to comply with GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) carriage requirements depending on gross tonnage and passengers’ capacity. The way you communicate at sea is revolutionized through emergency satellite communication. You can avoid costly phone calls, and the calls are not limited from ship to shore alone.

There is great need for telecommunications for both short-term and long-term voyages. Voice and broadband data internet services have become affordable with the introduction of Fleet Broadband and the lower cost of Maritime VSAT. Day-to-day business communications can be carried out at the required bandwidth by using modern satellite communication systems.

Emergency Management Planners, IT Departments, and facility personnel should consult maritime service providers to find the best-in-class infrastructure and services that will meet business, security, and safety needs. Satellite communication makes it possible to run your business without the risk of losing touch.


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