Differences Between The IP Addresses and

An internet protocol address or IP is a series of numbers that identify every computer on the network. There are two types of IP address such as private and public address. Private addresses are used for improved security. The IP addresses are categorized under five different classes A, B, C, D and E. Every router and modem manufacturer uses certain IP address as the default IP address for the device. and are the default addresses used by broadband router manufacturers for setting up the device. These addresses come under the range of private addresses. This means people can use it on several networks. These IP addresses cannot be used more than one time on a network and users outside the network cannot access this range of addresses.

How an internet protocol address works

IP addresses are made of 32 bit numbers which are divided into octets. These addresses are used for helping people to identify as well as address the network capable devices which are connected to the networks supporting the IP protocol. Every octet that makes up the internet protocol address has eight positions in the binary form with 32 bits. Bit position in the octet has a value of 1 or 0 with a total of 256 numbers assigned to every octet. The concept of implementing IPV4 addressing has IP addresses of nearly 4.3 billion. The IANA reserves some blocks of IP addresses for some special uses such as network broadcasts and loopback addressing. Devices using a private IP address cannot connect to an internet or obtain connections from the hosts without going through the networking device or computer which is located to the machine with a private address.

Here are the private IP address ranges

  • 254.0.0 to
  • 16.0.0 to
  • 168.0.0 to
  • 0.0.0 to

What are the uses of

Certain models of broadband routers and modems have as the default IP address. The router and modem manufacturers set this IP address as the default for its routing devices. Some of the manufacturers using this address are senao and Philips. Even there are several other brands using this address for their router models. Any router, laptop, desktop computer on the local network can change the address to this private IP address. Since it is a private address it will allow users to access only the computers within the network. If you are using a home broadband router for more than one device, you can avoid IP address conflicts by simply setting this IP address on any one of the devices only. Comes under private IPv4 addresses and this means users cannot connect to the router from outside their home network with this address. In general, private addresses were designed for delaying IPv4 address overload. Since these addresses are not delegated globally, they were labeled or called private. This means these addresses are not assigned or allotted to any particular organization.

What are the uses of is an IP address used by Belkin and SMC router manufacturers as the default address for setting up the device.

  • This address is also used by the router manufacturers to troubleshoot the problems with the router connection. The internet assigned number authority or IANA has set a range of IP addresses as private. If any other networking device or router is installed on the local network which has, this address can be modified by accessing the administrative configuration panel of the router.
  • The most common use of this address is for initial device setup and changing the router configuration. This means users have to type this IP address on the web browser to reach the administrative configuration panel and make changes in the router settings.

Restrictions on using these addresses

Both and addresses functions like other private internet protocol addresses. These addresses cannot be used for connecting to routers outside a small business or home network. Areas where more than one computers are connected to the router are prone to address conflicts when the users want to make any changes in the settings. If they want to avoid conflicts on IP address, they have to use the private address for only one device. For example, home networks using two routers have to be setup using two different IP addresses. Many homeowners mistakenly think that their router must be using or when I was configured to use another address instead. They can confirm their router's IP address by looking up the router's default gateway on the devices connected to the router. Windows users can use ipconfig command to reveal the gateway address. If they want to change the default gateway address, they can access the administrator console of router. In case they forget the changed password of the router, they can restore the default settings back.

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