Advantages of Ethernet SIP Trunking

It is not a surprise that if you are into business then you will constantly be in search for ways that can help you to make the most of your investments that you made in your existing unified communications. You will surely try your level best to manage how your communication network functions.

If you would have searched so far for the methods which can improve your communications, you might have definitely come across SIP Trunking. You might have heard how this technology can enable you to draw maximum from the investments that you made on your legacy communication system. But, you might not be aware of the role that Ethernet plays in the designing and functioning of SIP Trunking.

Here is the scheme of SIP trunking:


If SIP Trunk service is integrated with the Ethernet, you attain the top slot in magnifying the profits of your prevailing investments. Besides this, SIP Trunking and Ethernet, when mixed together, have many more advantages to offer. Some of them are as follows:

1. Reduction in Operating and Functioning Expenses: If your business is established in a way that it is currently allowing you to work in a centralized scheme and if your business consumes tremendous size of Bandwidth, then the best solution for you is SIP Trunking working over Ethernet. This combination has the capability to significantly decrease your operating and functioning expenditures. In many cases, the expenditure is reportedly reduced to half or even more. SIP Trunking allows you to assemble voice data from distinctly based branches of your business to a handful of concentrated and centralized networking platforms. This facility helps you in generating a very flexible and docile communication system for your business which has the ability to scale up as the proportion of voice calls increases.

Besides this, Ethernet facilitates you to overcome the burden of unnecessary fees that has to be paid while using MPLS-IP (MPLS: Multiprotocol Label Switching; IP: Internet Protocol) overhead. This also acts as a source of monetary gains.

2. Upgraded capacity to negotiate: SIP trunking is nowadays considered as a technology that has been developed to eradicate PRI lines slowly and gradually. Since SIP Trunking is an element of a well-phased approach that has been established for the elimination of traditional PRIs, it authorizes you to negotiate in an upgraded manner. With other services, you do not have the freedom to easily shop for them around and try them out; but with SIP Trunking you are at an upper head. SIP Trunking allows you to check out many service providers other than your current MPLS service provider. With the facility of choosing out of so many service providers, you upgrade yourselves to negotiate more efficiently. You gain authority to debate about the pricing and terms and conditions of the services. This would not have been the case if you were confined to a single service provider.

3. Improved Scalability: If you are using SIP Trunks in your business communications, and this service of yours depends on Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), you are bound to face a problem when your call density will increase in future. As your enterprise will grow, your call volume will also increase; and with time a situation will come where you will either have to integrate additional DS1 and DS3 lines to manage the increasing call volumes or have to adopt Ethernet to administer ever-increasing calls.

It is therefore advisable to deploy Ethernet in your existing SIP Trunking setup. This will help you in efficiently managing the increase in calls at later stages instead of repenting for the downtime at the last moment.

It is better to use the Ethernet which has multi-tiered ports. This will help you in managing your communication scalability with great efficiency. This will also enrich your flexibility as you will attain freedom to organize your call volumes in a sophisticated manner.

How SIP Trunking Works for Mid-Size Organizations


Integration of SIP Trunk service and Ethernet is a very Elegant Resolution

When SIP Trunking is made to work over Ethernet, there is a generation of numerous benefits. Thus, working with SIP Trunks via Ethernet is an intelligent alternative for the businesses. You do not have to spend anything extra as both these services can be established on your existing capital ventures. SIP Trunking via Ethernet enables you to save accessing and operating costs and also prevents you from making unnecessary monetary expenditures. Being a phased approach, this integration allows you to improve your negotiating power, both in terms of price and terms and conditions of the services. With this symbiosis, you no longer remain confined to a single service provider. You can try out as many service providers as possible to find out the best and the most economic one. Besides this, you improve your flexibility and scalability to deal with you increasing call volumes.

If you are an employee of a business that wants to maximize its gains out of the investments it makes for unified communications, then SIP Trunking via Ethernet is the best option for you.

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