5 Wireless Router Problems and How To Solve Them

WiFi RoutersRouter installed within your home at times, might be going through some issues because of which is stops working. Well if such is the situation, then probably your router needs some attention. In order to help you overcome the router issues, we have brought forth the list of problems and their solutions.

Slow internet

The router has turned slow and you are not able to complete even a single work. Well there might be some reasons of the problem. The routers often work on 2.5 GHz and so does the other appliances in your home. If turning on these appliances are causing issues in your router, then it is important you turn them off and see if your routers starts working. If that is not the problem, then one must also be aware of the fact that any router has three real channels. There are chances that your neighbor is using one of those channels. It is important that you modify the channel by approaching to the device setup controls and manually changing it.

Locked out

What if you have lost your passphrase and you are not able to access any of the features on your router. Well that is a big problem, but not as bad as you think. Herein you will need to access the internal of your route. If you have never noted down the credentials on your router, then you can simply reset that to factory setting. The routers usually have a reset button at the back of the case. Often it is of a red color and can be operated at ease, but at times it is a small hole which can be operated only with a small pin or clip.

A vampire router

It can be really troublesome, when your router functions round the clock and keep on sucking the data continuously. So every time the router is sucking your data and wattage. Well in order to have a solution, you can purchase an energy efficient device. So consider different possibilities available on the online market or other hopping places and pick up the most reasonable solution from such places. There are various companies in the network which is supplying routers in the market, hence one can opt for the best routers and then make the most of it. It will even save you from wastage of electricity and save you from a huge amount of bill. While you have purchased the best router from the market, you should get into a habit of shutting down or turning it off every time you stop using it. an easy way to do it is plug PCs, router and printer in one strip, and then turn it off after completing your use.

Dead spots

You have a dead spot within your home, wherein your router or its connection is not able to reach. The best solution to this is check, if you are using 802.11 n router and adapter. This is the best solution and will fix almost all the issues. The data when arrives to a dead spot at your place is bounced off to the walls and floors, causing the data to get disrupted. In such cases MIMO is the right alternative, as the MIMO enabled router will be able to take all the bounced reflections and it is capable of filling all the blank places appropriately. So, all the drop outs will be fixed with this new adapter and router, and you will be able to experience probably the best and honest connection of Wi-Fi at your home.

No Wi-Fi signal

The place where you are trying to connect is away from the router or Wi-Fi placed at your home. In such causes the most obvious solution is to establish a connection between the places by simply using CAT. If your landlord does not allow you to do holes, then you should choose powerline networking gear for treating Wi-Fi signal.


Thus above mentioned are some of the most common problems which are faced with the use of home network routers. However with consistent effort and knowledge users can treat the problems and continue using the routers. If in case, users are required to restore their router then they should not hesitate from doing so and then configure it from the scratch. While configuring your device, you can choose to keep which is the default IP address and can be chosen for any of the routers. Hence this will enable you to automatically connect and use internet connection without any interruption.


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