10 Best Ways to Tackle Slow Internet Speed

Having a slow internet speed can really mess up your work sometimes as it decreases productivity and you waste a lot of time while waiting for the pages to load.


However, there are some ways to deal with slow internet speed. Although these fixes probably won’t solve all your issues, but they can at least help in making a slow internet connection feel much more usable.

Troubleshoot Your Device

When you face the problem of slow internet speed, make sure that you reset your router or modem by turning it off and on again. Moreover, look for the problem in other computers as well because the problem might only be occurring on your current device. If the speed of the internet is slow only on the device that you are using then the problem is with that specific computer not the internet.

Check Your Internet Speed & Your Plan

Sometimes, the speed of your internet is slow because you are paying for a package that is economical and offers slow speed. You can check your package by calling your internet service provider or by logging onto the service provider’s website. The speed of the internet can be clarified by running a speed test which is available at If your package details match with the internet speed then your service provider is not at fault and the best way to deal with this factor is to upgrade your plan to a better package that offers more speed.

Install AdBlocks on Your Computer

In case your internet device is working fine but you’re still having slow internet problems, then you should look out for programs that might be taking more bandwidth such as downloading torrents or data that is huge in size. In order to avoid such problems, you should install AdBlocks on your computer like AdBlock Plus or FlashBlock that would help you in blocking some of the ads that take up the bandwidth and make your computer and internet speed slow.

Try a New DNS Server

If your default DNS servers are having problems then you might find some improvement with an alternative server. Whenever you type an address into your internet browser, your computer uses DNS to look up and translate that into a computer-friendly IP address.

Optimize Your Web

If a situation arises where you can do nothing about the slow internet then in that case you can optimize your web for a slower connection. This can be done by using mobile or HTML versions of the websites that you visit and in addition to this, you can disable the images on the page so that it loads faster. Moreover, you can use features like Opera Turbo that are faster than other internet browsers and continue to work until the problem is resolved.

Another way to stay connected to the internet is by making your smartphone a wireless internet device. This can be done by turning on the mobile hotspot feature in your phone and connecting it to your laptop or computer.

Prioritize Tasks

If you need to get your work done on a slow internet connection, you may have to prioritize your tasks differently than if your internet connection were fast and steady. You can classify your tasks into bandwidth such as Heavy & Light. Get the Light ones done when your internet is slow and get the heavy ones done when your internet is fast and steady.

Lodge a Complaint

When you have gone through all the troubleshooting steps and process and you’re still facing the problem of a slow internet connection, you should call your internet service provider and complain about the issue as the problem might be on their end. It is worth mentioning that you should always treat your customer representative with respect as they did not initiate the problem deliberately and they do their best to ensure that you receive an uninterrupted internet service. Furthermore, you can also inquire about premium internet packages and bundle deals in order to upgrade your internet to a faster speed.

Find a New Service Provider

If your service provider cannot help you with the problem that you’re facing then you can always consider other service providers in the market. You might have trouble in this endeavor because finding a new service provider can become a hectic job as you have to conduct a lot of research regarding the required speed and the packages that being offered in the market by different providers. Make sure that you purchase your internet package from a well-reputed internet service provider in order to receive high speed internet and after sales service as well.

Use & Manage Your Time Productively

You might be able to get your internet speed back to the normal speed within minutes but if not then you should use this time productively rather than just stressing yourself over something that is not in your control. For instance, if the web pages are not loading or if the files are taking time to download, then you should use this time to relax yourself or you can also use this time for your lunch break in order to work more effectively when your files are ready to be used.

Fix Your WiFi Signal

If you are using a wireless modem then you might want to take a look at your router in order to ensure that the WiFi signals are working fine. In case the signals are weak, you can reposition, tweak and reboot your modem so that your wireless modem starts working fine.

All these techniques might be helpful to you in case you are having a slow internet speed.

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