Increasing Use of 3D Architecture in Landscape Designing

3D Architecture in Landscape DesigningNo matter where a person is living, there is always an urge in human beings to be aesthetically efficient. That’s why there are efforts to beautify that space. This is why wonderful gardens are developed even in the smallest of spaces. And this has been the trend since the earliest of times. Besides, large stretches of lands are also beautified through the process of landscaping. Moreover, it also includes, among others:

  • Environmental restoration
  • Storm water management
  • Urban planning

All these are meant to make the area appear more beautiful. The process has changed in recent years, as the designers can leverage technological advancements for landscape designing.

Emergence of 3D Landscape Architecture

Even a few years back, all that the landscape architects would get was two-dimensional design. They needed to envision the space in length and width. From that, they had to plan the design of the area. This used to offer a top-down view of the space. But designing with just that view is surely is a difficult task, as the architect won’t be able to understand the thickness or height of a structure. So, the space taken by the structures will be difficult to understand. This is where the use of 3D landscape architecture is going to become relevant.

A Make Believe Creation with 3D Landscape Architecture

No matter how beautifully you plan to design a garden, it is difficult to satisfy the clients. It is not an easy task to make them understand your plans just by showing a two-dimensional picture of it. That is why many of your unique and excellent plans might be disallowed by the clients. So, to solve this issue, you will need to give them an experience that is believable. A virtual tour through the garden might help your cause, as the clients will get an idea about how a walk down the path of the garden will be.

Interactive Virtual Reality with 3D Landscape Architecture

Want your clients to experience how it would feel to enter the landscaped space by opening a gate? Or how it would feel to stand by the fountain in the garden? No, it’s not impossible to do so in the world of 3D architecture as well. Offer an interactive virtual tour of the landscaped area to the client. It will help him have a feeling of virtual reality. Thus, the three dimensional architecture is going to make it easier for you to sell your plans for landscape architecture. According toChurches By Daniels, even places dedicated to spiritual communion are better projected and studied using 3D architectural modelling. This way, it is possible to take care of every detail without letting them slide.

Perfect Placement of Components

The task of landscaping is vast in terms of its ambit. From the green grass to the trees, from the lightings to the paths, you need to take care of everything. And it’s surely not easy to place all these in an empty spot. Some of the most common components needed for landscape designing include:

  • Planting
  • Lighting
  • Furnishing
  • Fountains
  • Materials for paving
  • Barriers for pedestrians
  • Traffic controls
  • Signage

You need proper planning for placing these in the empty space. And it’s not possible to view the architecture even when you have planned it. At least not on a two dimensional design. Besides, you cannot place it once in the space and then remove it if you find it is not appropriate for that place. This is going to be a never ending process then.

For this, you will need a three dimensional architecture. Even a computer-aided graphical creation of the area can be helpful to place these components in the place. It can help you get an idea of the places where the trees can be planted, the furnishings and the lightings can be installed or where the signage can be placed.

Easy to Find the Type of Design Needed

The 3D architectural rendering can help you determine the type of landscape design that can be implemented in a given space. The designs can be of various types:

  • Rustic
  • Picturesque
  • Urban
  • Natural
  • Neoclassical

It is difficult to understand from a single look at the space, which design will suit it best. However, you cannot apply a trial and error method as well. Hence, the easiest way out is to try the three-dimensional architectural rendition. It will help you to check out if a specific kind of design is working for the lot or not. And if it does not, you can always shift to another option. This will ensure that 3D architectural design is optimally used to perform the landscaping for the space in a perfect manner.

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