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How to disable Windows 8 Lock Screen in five easy steps

windows8-8lock-screenWindows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft's user friendly OS and though a lot of people have started using it, and though it is pretty user friendly incorporating simple to understand language, some users may be embarrassed to admit they can't get a handle on it. Admittedly it does involve making adjustments through searches of its settings, and for that you need to know what to search for.

And on top of that Microsoft has provided a lot of security features. And you can't blame them since malware, as well as spyware problems like key loggers are running rampant in PC's and leaving them unlocked at any moment may have its repercussions.

However, there are always exceptions to every security threat. If you are working at home or in a secured office and are sure that no one is accessing your system then the extra steps you need to put in to resume your work where you last left it off can be annoying. All you need to do is disable this feature then so that your password will not be required. As said earlier, it can be difficult to figure windows 8 out if you just aren't that entirely tech savvy.

So if you wish to disable the lock screen that comes up after the system has gone to sleep, then here is how you can go about disabling the ever annoying Lock Screen in some easy steps that just about anyone can understand.

1. When the Windows 8 Startup screen appears, type ‘users' in the search field. From the results, the Settings option will show up which you need to click.

2. Through the search results, the option of users under Settings will appear. Click on this Users option to get to the Users Settings Screen.

3. Once the new screen comes up, you need to scroll down and click on the Change Button. The Change button will be located right under the label ‘Any User Who Has A Password Must Enter It When Waking This PC'.

4. After clicking the Change button, a confirmation screen will come up which will ask you whether you are sure that you want to disable this feature. At the bottom of this notification will be an OK button. Click that to go ahead with the disabling.

5. Once you click OK you will be brought back to the Users Settings screen. To know that you have changed your settings, the text above the Change button will now read ‘Any user who has a password doesn't need to enter it when waking this PC'.

Now your system will no longer require a password but if you wish to re –enable the feature you can follow the steps again and make the changes in the same manner.

Of course, it is always a better option to keep this feature enabled when you are traveling or have a lot of unknown people around your system. Turning it on and off may be annoying but it is truly always better safe than sorry. Also, you may consider using a Microsoft Store Promo Code to get some awesome apps.

This article was written by Jessica Carol. She is a tech junkie and loves all things mobile. She writes about apps, platforms, and mobile trends in general. She blogs for Mobistealth and a lot of her recent posts have been about mobistealth software.

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  1. ok cool BUT how do you do the same thing on a WINDOWS 8 PHONE. The constant lock screen which I NEVER use is a PITA!!!!

  2. brilliant…and, like all things brilliant, simple! thank you.

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