How People Perceive 3D Printed Objects?

Interior_3D_Visualisation2-1200x657The modern generation is now quite accustomed with 3D movies. They are not startled to see through the 3D glasses when a human figure seems real or a spaceship almost takes them for a journey through the galaxy. But, are they similarly comfortable to accept the 3D printed products in their life. Now, it is possible to create almost everything and anything with the help of the advanced 3D printers.

3D printers have transformed the healthcare sector, brought revolution in the fashion field, changed the architectural sector, and revamped the household items completely. The technology is groundbreaking, but, how much is their demand on the market place? At-home 3D printers has made the process of 3D printing relatively easier. There has been an exponential growth of on-demand 3D printing alongside the household printed items.

Retail giant started selling 3D printed products

Amazon that has always been an on-demand marketplace introduced 3D printed products to keep up with the growing demand. There are other 3D printed stores already in the market. But, Amazon is the first of its kind to come up with the 3D printed products. In other stores, it is possible to select and customize the products that are then printed and delivered to the customers. Is amazon doing the same thing? Amazon, which is offering 3D printed products like iPhone cases, bobble head dolls, home décor, accessories, art pieces and toys, allows customization to certain degree in few aspects.

Actually, Amazon is not 3D printing any products. Instead, it partnered with a few 3D printing shops and selling their products through its platform. Similar to other products, Amazon displays 3D images of each object that you can click, zoom, and rotate. If customization is possible, there will be an option along with the image of the product. What you can customize is the color or some design element.

The retail giant Amazon is also capitalizing on 3D printing trend like other big brands. It is evident from the retail interests that there is a good market for 3D printed products. But, how much 3D printing is popular in other sectors?

3D printing used in popular sectors

A Chinese company has relied on 3D printing technology to build 10 one-story house in a day. Sine it is a faster, cheaper, and much safer alternative than the traditional construction process, it can easily be adapted to construct comparatively cheap houses. As it is a cost effective solution, it can be used to reduce the problem of homelessness globally. The greatest advantage of such a construction process is that the structure can be printed in parts inside the factory and then they can be transported to the desired location and the entire house may be finished there.

3D personalized surgery and medical devices are taking medical treatment to new heights. So far, the technology is successfully used in the healthcare sector to make body parts, dental fixtures, and more complex structures. As there is shortage of viable donors, in many instances it become impossible to save the life of patients waiting for organ transplant. The 3D printing technology is slowly trying to create a fully functional human organ, and it is expected that it will make the job of the medical professionals much easier.

Apart from the medical and the construction sectors, 3D printed clothes, transformer planes, rocket engine, glasses, or toothbrush anything can be made using the same technology. It is fun to develop different 3D printed products at home as well.

There is often a confusion whether the huge availability of 3D printed products have reduced the demand for handy printers that can be set up at home? However, such is not the case. In fact, the wide availability of printed products have only raised the demand for printing different stuff in-house. Some 3D objects can never be created at home. Technical knowledge, precision and the kind of tools required to create medical equipment, body parts, or the parts of a house make it impossible to make such things at house. For that you have to rely upon professional manufacturers.

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