Which Xilinx Chips Are Most Commonly Used?

Xilinx is a company that makes logic devices you can program. In particular, it’s known for the field-programmable gate array. Here’s some information about Xilinx and their most commonly used chips.

Common Modern Options

These days, people use all sorts of chips for many different options. The most commonly used chips are known as Virtex chips and they use the basic FPGA from Xilinx. Other options include the Spartan chips. These two are the ones that you see out there the most by far. People like the Virtex because they have features that are appealing in a modern environment including being highly compatible with transceivers at a high speed and Ethernet options in general. In a pinch, you can even use it like a microprocessor if you want.

Xilinx FPGA Programming

One of the things that Xilinix became famous for is making the specialized circuits more profitable. This is because originally companies didn’t bother making specialized chips and instead just made generic chips by the thousands and more. The Xilinx fpga programming options changed all of that.

What Are These Chips Used for?

The FPGA chips are used in applications that go all the way to space. Aerospace companies commonly need FPGA chips in order to work properly. In addition, you’ll see the chips in the music industry or in audio applications. Sometimes you’ll see them in devices that rely on networking or basic motor control. Additionally, you’re going to see the chips for various kinds of medical scans. Just about any medical scan will need this kind of chip, including the magnetic ones. You could easily see them for systems that produce alarms or monitor the comings and goings of others. They may help in monitoring applications of all kinds.

People communicating over a single wire may find need for these devices, even all sorts of communication applications. If you are developing pictures or movies they could help. It’s actually hard to find electronic applications that don’t have at least one section that could benefit from these chips in some way. Plus, you’ll also often sometimes see them in cars. And in automotive applications in general.

What the Common Chips Do

The FPGA chips aren’t ordinary computer chips. They are used specifically to give people the ability to make changes to a computer in line with a piece of software. This is the reason why they are so powerful. Some of the biggest applications around today rely on these sorts of chips as a result. It’s the reason why they control electronics and other related industries.

Finding Chips

If you’re looking for common chips for the cheapest prices possible, then you’re often going to need to try options like Artix or Kintex. These have further more specific varieties within each branch as well. It’s important to note that you will also need to install any device that you buy in the larger devices, Therefore, you will either need to make sure that you can do this yourself, or else you will need to figure it out in some other way, such as making sure that you find people who can do the installation for you. It’s important to make sure they have the credentials to handle these kinds of chips specifically, and not just a general computer chip, however. This is an easy mistake to make and shouldn’t be discounted when you’re checking everything.

You can often find good economical prices online through different places that sell these kinds of products. Obviously, Xilinx chips will be the most ideal, but if prices that important, you may be able to find cheaper ones from other manufacturers. You’d be surprised what you can find if you go out there and look.

Other Chips

If necessary, you may sometimes want to deviate from the chips that are the most common. Even if you need mostly the most common chips, you may want to check those that are outside on occasion. There are a number of reasons why you might want to do this. For example, you may want to try to use a chip that’s more powerful than the common chips that you can use in bulk. Not all tasks are made the same, so some of them may require more power than the ones that you possess.

There are two main types of FPGA branches that are worth knowing about as well. This includes the Virtex types, which focus on being as powerful as possible, and the Spartan options which make it so that you can make a lot of them at once. In particular, you’ll want to use the EasyPath approach in order to really put out functional chips at a high rate. You generally get either one or the other in terms of characteristics; in other words, you get either the high performance or the cheap rate, so you’ll want to determine what you need ahead of time.

General Chip Information

These chips, including some of the most common ones, have been used in some highly famous real-life situations. For example, the FPGA’s from Xilinx were used in the Large Ion Collider Experiment, also called “Alice” at the CERN laboratory in Europe. This is a huge science experiment that goes on for miles between Switzerland and France. Its purpose is to study how tiny particles interact. In order to do this, vast distances are needed to make it easier due to the speeds they are moving at. In order to keep track of all of this, you often need some serious computer tech, including the chips. Other places that they’ve been used include with IBM power cored, checking for radiation damage in space with the U.S. air force, and elsewhere.

Overall, you should be able to find the chips you need for the job you need them for if you focus on the ones that are mass produced. The most common chips often fit into this category in general.

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