What is Android TV box? Top features it should have!

Cable TV connections to view Television is the style of old days. It has been taken over by Direct to Home devices and the new trend is TV Boxes. TV Boxes work by connecting themselves to the internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. There have been many TV boxes brought about by many manufacturers one of them being Android TV boxes that operate on Android OS brought in by Google.


Android TV boxes convert a basic Television set into a smart TV by expanding its uses, helps in surfing the web, streaming videos through YouTube like applications apart from streaming TV channels. They are available in different brands like Minix Neo, Matricom, Kitbox, itvboxes, Rveal, Nvidia etc.

What is special about Android TV Boxes:

  • Flexibility: One can connect an Android TV Box of a manufacturer to a Television set by another manufacturer.
  • Open source: Android TV boxes work on Android Operating system which is an open source platform helps in manufacturing TV boxes at lesser prices than TV boxes with other operating systems.
  • Browsing options: Apart from streaming TV channels, Android TV also helps in turning a Television set into a computer by connecting Mouse and keyboard with browsing options.

The Must-have features of an Android TV Box:

As there are many Android TV boxes available in the market with a variety of features. One may not always replace an old TV box with a new one whenever an updated version enters the market. So it is important to know about the top features that the best Android TV box should have.

  1. Audio Pass-through:

Audio Pass through feature helps in enhanced sound quality as the TV boxes with this features allows decoding of Audio signal at device rather than a television set.

  1. Hardware decoder:

This feature ensures the quality of video streaming throughout the life of TV box as it helps in faster decoding than a software decoder.

  1. Higher Android version:

New android versions are released every year, every time with advanced features. Getting a latest android version TV box makes the device suitable for latest applications.

  1. Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching:

The videos streaming will be of different resolutions, a mismatch between the resolution settings of the Television set and the video may spoil the viewing experience. An automatic resolution adjustment is available through Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching feature available in few Android TV boxes.

  1. Firmware over the Air:

Updating is necessary for any electronic devices and this can be done without manual interference through Firmware Over the Air feature.

There are many video streaming applications like Netflix, Huluplus, etc. available in google play that can be installed in Android TV boxes.

Technology is ever dynamic, it keeps on growing and changing, Android TV have entered this journey and are here to stay longer. With their user-friendly and enhanced quality than previous technologies, they are becoming popular across the globe. So own your Android TV box loaded with most advanced features soon and enjoy the premium quality Television watching.

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