The Corded Headset Available in the Market 2017

eyutyrweCorded headsets already become good choices when it is used for office phone. Of course, if you are the workers or employers, the most important thing to you is finding it comfortable when using them. It is not duty for you to think about where and how to buy the headsets. However, it is not something bad if you have more knowledge related to this point anyway. In fact, due to the development of technology nowadays, there are so many headsets that look so good and sophisticated, including the corded headsets. Many brands compete to release their best products whether it is in term of designs, use, functions and others. There is a good example. If many years ago a headset must feature wire, there are now so many wireless headsets that are available in the market. Sure, since it is mainly for the office necessities, whether it has wire or not, it is not that important anymore. The more important thing is that the headset is able to support all the activities in the offices anyway. So, are you interested to know types of corded headsets that are recommended for office phone? Check them out.

Jabra Biz 1500 Mono QD Headset

This type is basically the newest type of corded headsets offered in the market nowadays. It features HD wide band as well as the standard noise cancelling microphone. It is also equipped by a 270 degree bendable boom arm and also a new technology namely peak stop that is functioned to block any other sounds that come outside. The weight is quite light; it is only about 1.9 oz. Meanwhile, there is a pair of foam ear cushions that can make you feel comfortable while using it. There is other good news about this type; it is regarding the price which is affordable enough, particularly when you compare it to other types and brands. Based on that fact, it is reasonable if this type of corded headsets has so many demands. If you buy this one, you can also get full 2 years warranty.

Jabra 2400 II 3-in-1

The complete name is actually Jabra 2400 II 3-in-1 with ultra noise cancelling headset. By only hearing the name, you must simply know what this headset is focused on. Yes, something which is advertised the most is regarding its ability to avoid or block all the sounds or noises from outside. It is very recommended for jobs that need high concentration. Besides, 3-in1 means that it has 3 different wearing styles. Although the price is more expensive than another type of Jabra headsets mentioned in the previous point, this one has some other excesses also. They are the availability of kevlar line chords and leatherette air cushions. Besides, it is so recommended for offices that need to provide many headsets in every single room. Based on that fact, it is not exaggerating if even Jabra itself claims that this headset is the best that they have produced.

Plantronics EncorePro HW710

Not only Jabra, Plantronic is another accessories manufacturer that produces corded headsets with high quality. And this type is considered as one of the best headsets produced by the company. What makes this headset is so good is related to the availability of bells and whistles with the most recent technology. The design is also really simple and elegant by bringing out the modern style. The ear cup iis quite big and wide in order to block the noises come from the outside. Other features are the telescoping microphone placed on the tip of the boom and headband that is layered by carbon with light weight materials. Those materials added tend to make the headsets in general feel more comfortable to wear. There is a small survey conducted that mentions Plantronics Encore Pro HW710 as one of the most favorite headsets for office available in the market.

Plantronics HW251N

This product is not the newest among all headsets mentioned in this article. However, you should be happy if you have or buy this one since it is the most popular one for 5 years. It features the wide band audio or audio with wider frequency that can be used to complete modern IP phones, let’s say Cisco and Avaya. On the tip of wire, there is another feature namely Plantronics quick disconnect to be applied for other devices lie Voip Phones or soft phones. Even, it can also be connected to other personal Smartphone including iPhone as long as you have the Apple iPhone adapter cable. Once you buy it, you can get the 2-year warranty.

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