New Gadgets to Look Forward in 2016

From gadgets perspective 2015 was not an outstanding one, still there were some decent launches in the form of Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6S. Now as 2016 has kicked in, there are numerous gadgets set to be introduced as we perceive there is going to be a sort of ‘war of smartphones'.

New Gadgets

Starting with LG, there is 98-inch 8K UHD TV. With this, LG just doubled the number of pixed- compared to its ‘4K' from the days gone by. This new 8K technology offers ‘crystal-crisp clarity' and un-matchable sharpness and clarity.

Though it's not the first 8K TV released in the market but what sets it apart is the subsequent Sharp TV costing a whopping US$ 130,000. Meanwhile, The LG is expected to cost around US$15,000 and it would be absolutely amazing to own a '98-inch television'.

StoreDot Instant Chargers
StoreDot is a great company and there are no doubts about it. Its chargers for Electric Vehicles (EVs) ought to be there in the stores in the mid of this year. The organic tech-maker first gained limelight by charging a Samsung Galaxy S4 to 100 percent in just 30 seconds. Now its new product is expected to reduce charging times for EVs from 6-10 hours to an almost unbelievable 5-minutes.

The organic-tech maker first made waves by charging a Samsung Galaxy S4 to 100 percent, in under 30 seconds. When checked last, a BMW i8's battery pack costs around US$12,000.

Cube 3D Printer
Cube is all set to release its 3D-printer for non-commercial use this year and the product is expected be very user-friendly. It's coming with the ‘Cube App' that enables you design and color the object of your imagination. The fast printing is its striking feature as the object turns out in just 5-minutes and the price is expected to be US$600, or lesser.

PlayStation Virtual Reality
PlayStation is now turning its plan into reality by ultimately indulging users in ‘Virtual Reality' and the VR consoles are set to be there in the market by June. The prices are expected to be US$800, however there are doubts over its success. At the same time, Samsung, Microsoft, LG and Oculus also have plans to enter into virtual reality market at a fraction of the cost. However, you still can't enjoy games such as Call of Duty, Project Cars or Gran Turismo on a Samsung phone.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker
Song first presented its glass speakers in 2009 however it never started out. Now in CES 2016, Sony's Glass Sound Speaker and LED Bulb Speaker were the major highlight. There are marvelous and Sony even went on to state that the speakers are highly durable producing exceptional sound.

Altec Lansing DJ Headphones
Everyone admires Altec Lansing and this time they have come up with Altec-Lansing headphones to attract the DJ-ing crowd. These headphones have built-in HD-cameras broadcasting live events with great clarity and sound. It's expected to cost US$200

LG Signature Refrigerator
This LG Signature Refrigerator opens itself and this is what makes it absolutely unique. Period. The Signature's auto-sensing 4-door refrigerator has sensors at the bottom that detects activity to open the doors, whereas there is a nifty feature as well. The designer fridge has black-doors turning transparent when knocked on. This way it helps in maintaining the quality and freshness of the product that saves a lot of energy. The refrigerator is expected to be priced between US$2000 to 3000.

WiTricity wireless laptop charger
Laptop chargers have always been a headache; however you may be relieved soon as WiTricity alongside Dell and Intel is set to build a wireless charger for laptops.

However, with its portability being unknown, there is no assurance of the success of this fascinating prospect.

Project Ara by Google
There are huge expectations from Google's project Ara, which has been under development for the past 3 years. With it, Google aims at ‘6-billion people' covering 90 per cent of the population and the device enables customers choose the specifications of their phone as per their likes, interests and budget.

The starting price is expected to be US$100 sans the customization so a good phone will certainly cost a few hundred dollars if you are going for powerful processors and GPU's.

Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7
Well, it's expected that both Apple and Samsung will be making announcement about their devices in the coming months, but there has been no news regarding details of the phones.

We are definitely looking forward to it.

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