Life-Changing Gadgets to Look for in 2016

Consumer Electronics Show 2016 took place just recently and the major highlights were the technology trends and the gadgets which are to be released this year. As we think of the recent years, there wasn't much difference in the show's big themes, though it stressed on ideas like the smart home, virtual reality and fitness gadgets, at the same time, there was the first-ever Beauty Tech Summit at CES. SO it was all a different experience.

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Here we present a list that's going to define tech in 2016:

Kids' toys

Now the kids can indulge in high tech and simplicity as the Moff band collaboration with Pac-Man is an ideal example of the same. Kids adorn the Moff band and they just have to swing their arms in order to play Pac-Man through an app - so that they are physically active as they use a smartphone or tablet.

Everyday items are getting smarter

Now common products have turned into smart gadgets, like oombrella. It's in actual a smart umbrella that lets you know when it'd rain and reminds you so that it's not left behind. Well, even though it may not come across as the most useful thing, still it's quite extraordinary.

Women’s health

Women's health grabbed the attention at CES. Now we already have the fitness trackers attracting women but this time around Pregnancy Pro stick by First Response stressing on reproduction health made all the difference. This tests connects via Bluetooth, offering various features in an app so that it can be taken through the steps of using it.

Virtual reality

Even though you might not be into virtual reality, however the fact remains that it is certain to be a part of our lives. Now Oculus Rift is quite prominent out there, while other virtual reality products are finding a place in the lives of everyday person. Like, popular smartphone case company Speck made an announcement of its own line of Pocket VR with a phone case, while the gadgets allow you to turn your smartphone in a manner that virtual reality is used in a cost-effective manner.

Urban commuters

In 2015, the "hoverboard" gained all the attention at CES and this year we have various of portable electric scooters for urban riders - such as URB-E and Xcooter, which are sleek and compact, hence are easily folded up so can fit in a small apartment.

Common health and wellness products

Bid adieu to simple health products as nowadays it's able to connect to WiFi or Bluetooth and one item that happened to be extraordinary was the Withings Thermo. It's allowed to read your temperature in no time as well as can keep a track of it on an app - all via WiFi.

Practical beauty gadgets

Beauty is now a part of tech gadgets even though it didn't grab that much attention as help by other trends at CES. We see companies like FOREO that connect the two industries with its IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager. Now you can easily carry this gadget anywhere as it very well massages your eye area.

Parenting gadgets

Yes, now parenting gadgets are finally a part of tech world, as we saw various products out there though the most famed remain a modern infant car seat from 4Moms: this device works together with an app helping you install the seat by automatically monitoring levels and tensions. However, it was just not the only enticing parenting gadget this year, like the Owlet Baby Monitor is a new infant smart sock that tracks a baby's vitals.

Wearables are now trendy

It's time to see ahead of Fitbit and Jawbone as there are various of wearables that are quite practical and are beautifully growing. For instance, we have Mira's new Vivid Wellness bracelet and pendant trackers which are ultimately pretty that they will make you forget about the fact that they're trackers.

The home is becoming even easier to automate

Now be ready to turn more tech-friendly with products such as D-Vine, a wine decanter serving you a perfect glass of wine. Besides, you can check out Samsung's Family Hub Fridge, which comes with a LCD screen to be easily used to order groceries.

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