5 Features of a 3D Printing Pen

TRGRTEG3D technology is taking over the world. There are a few advanced technological devices that are helping to pull off this magical change.

One such amazing device is the 3D pen.

With a 3D pen, you can draw and doodle in the air to create a 3D model of whatever you want to make. There are a lot of companies that retail these tech based magic wands offering you a lot of choices to choose from.

Now that you have all these choices you might be wondering on what basis you decide which one to choose. So, here is a list of criteria that you have to keep in mind while shopping for a 3D pen.

1) Check for the range of temperatures it operates in

A 3D printer or a pen works by melting and resting the plastic filaments by heating them. So while you are using a 3D pen if it tends to get too heated only with in a few minutes of use then you should not go for a pen like this.

The reason behind this is that you will have to wait again and again after a little use as an overheated pen cannot be used effectively A good quality 3D pen should have a wide range of temperatures i.e it should be working efficiently through a given range of temperatures.

A proper temperature maintenance is very necessary for the desired result. If you don’t give attention while purchasing a 3d printing pen, You might face a lot of difficulties while drawing.

2) Emanation time

Plastic functions like ink in these pens. When you press on the controlling switch within a few seconds heated molten plastic is emanated from the tip of the pen and you can guide it as you want on a given surface to create what you want.

If you are a newbie using this pen and working with molten plastic might be quite the challenge it might take you a while to get habituated with a 3d pen. Therefore, to prevent your experience from becoming messy you must check that plastic emission happens at a constant rate and controlled the pace.

You should always check for other people’s reviews of the product as many companies fail in this department.

3) Cooling time

As discussed previously the 3d pen works by the principle of heating a subsequent cooling. The pen melts the plastic filament by heating it to a high temperature, making it flexible enough to be reshaped as per the user’s requirement.

Ideally, a pen is required to have a very low cooling time so that it can be used a number of times in a short period of time An example for a pen with the perfect cooling time is the Lix smart 3D pen. It is essential that you remember that a pen that takes a longer time to limber down might reduce your productivity significantly and waste your precious time significantly.

4) Clogging of the system

Since the whole process is solely based on heating plastic there is often a chance that the plastic might settle in the tube once it cools down causing the opening to clog rendering the pen useless.

Not only is it very hard to work with but it affects stuff like the color quality of. Even though this problem could be solved easily it is definitely problematic.

We should ensure that the surface which lines the inner surface of the pen is relatively more non-stick and easily cleanable. Even though manufacturers have not found a very effective solution for this yet it is certain that they would be able to come up with something to solve this problem.

Replacement of the plastic filament is one of the solutions for this problem, but it is not very effective.

5) Warranty

It is a given that you check for warranty whenever you buy any electronic device. It is especially important in case of 3D pens because they are pricey and also have the tendency to get damaged easily.

The warranty can be a tricky issue sometimes because some manufacturer offers free repairs while another might be giving a full replacement facility. In this case, It is up to you as to which plan you would prefer to go with.

Make sure that you read all the terms and conditions of the warranty policy before making the decision to purchase it as there might be some sneaky little clause that might prevent you from availing the benefit.

One more very important quality you might want to look for is that it is compatible with any given surface. Buying a 3D pen might be a very exciting deal for you so please ensure that you get the best deal. Check for all the above criteria so that there are no obstacles that might interfere with your creativity and imagination.


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