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The Benefits of Induction Lighting

induction-light-how-it-worksThe easy availability and cheap cost of power has lead to its wastage in huge amounts in the past times. We have been using the lights to such an effect that even the satellite pictures of earth shows more lights then darkness. Light pollution has reach to alarming levels and although the street lighting is a great boon to society, but is a huge power huge user simultaneously.

There is a huge prevalence of many wasteful practices such as turning a TV or LCD screens and many other appliances such as internet modems to standby instead of off consumes a steady drain of electricity. Billions of dollars are wasted annually in the needless power generation due to the combination of wasteful lights left burning and other wasteful habits.

What should be done then? Should we cut the street lights? No one would dream of ever suggesting that. But, what if way is found to effective energy savings in this sector. Yes Induction light has emerged as a solution to the problem as Induction lights effectively cuts down the power consumption of fluorescent lights at least by 50% while extending the life of the lamp on the other hand. Induction light installation available to

What is induction lighting?

Induction has been a proven technology and has been around for more than 100 years. Due to recent advances in electric generator and ballast technologies, its production has become viable. It is very similar to the traditional lighting except for the fact that instead of electrodes it uses high frequency generators. It went through a quiet period with the emergence of LED lights, but now people are realizing its qualities are hard to beat. Induction lighting is making a comeback.

How it works?

It works on the principle that a gas discharge can produce light and discharge is caused by magnetism. Here the gas used for discharging is mercury gas and electromagnetic field is generated to excite the gas discharge. No electrical connection is used within the lamp and by the virtue of electromagnetic induction energy is produced, hence it is called induction light.


Use of induction lamps is prevalent in commercial environments and even business owners all around the world use them as the preferred form of lighting thanks to their benefits which includes the following:

  • Energy saving: The presence of electrodes lead to a great wastage of energy as heat, but Induction lamps have been designed in a way such that there is no need for an electrode, which means that almost all of the energy generated goes directly in producing light. This means that similar levels of light can be achieved and that too at the cost of less power, which makes it a real energy saving option.
  • Long Lifetime: An induction lamp lasts for a longer period of time with nearly 100,000 hours of lifespan and because they contain no filament or electrode maintenance costs are minimal. Even the lumen output deteriorates very little throughout its lifespan, especially when compared to other lighting sources.
  • Instant Start and Re Strike: Induction lamps are designed in a way that they take no time to warm up unlike other lighting source and turned on or off instantly.
  • Excellent Color rendering capabilities: They have a color rendering index of more than 80. Even, the colors are brighter and more vivid, subtle color variations are more visible.
  • High Lighting Efficiency: Induction lamps produce more light in response to the amount of energy they intake, almost up to 90 lumens per watt.
  • Environmentally Friendly: With very low amount of mercury almost less than 0.25 mg makes Induction lamps a very plausible environmentally friendly lighting alternative.

There are many lighting companies like Adattsi, which are not only associated with the manufacturing of the induction lamps, but also provides their installation services. So, what are you waiting for? Go and be the part of this revolution.

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  1. Great! Very Professional! LVD Induction Lamps will take place of LED in the further days, how do you think?

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