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Save Power with Solar Panels-Making Roadways and Parking Lots Pollution Free

Today, when everything around us needs power to function, it would be a big relief if we have something that would help us save power. Isn't it? Yes, here comes the concept of solar panels, which is capable of reducing our burden to an extent.

Sun is the true renewable source of energy. However, harnessing this power is fairly a new idea. This in fact, has given rise to solar panels and other solar energy based systems. The PV cells helps in converting light energy to electrical energy. Solar energy is one of the most sought after energies in the developing countries.

Similarly, a solar roadway is a concept that would transform our roads to an energy saving mode. The project includes generation of electricity through solar energy even in the parking lots, footpaths, driveways, streets and highways. Depending upon the amount of sunshine received, the power is collected.

Solar panels will have textured glass and may also have covers for mounting holes, mastic between panels and software for LED patterns. Since it doesn't require much of fossil fuels, it causes no pollution. Moreover, our reliance on oil can also be reduced gradually.

Solar powered roadways are built in such a way that the LED fixed inside the system and other materials powerful enough for vehicles would prevent the buildup of excess snow and ice.

Before you start a solar lighting project, you should be aware of certain things. Here are few things, which you need to ensure:

  • Decide on a standard depending on the need, don't choose any random wattage.
  • Make sure you use LED luminaries, as it directs the light towards the target surface uniformly.
  • Be firm on your goals and take expert advice.
  • Planning the pole height and system sizing in advance will maximize your saving.
  • Find out areas where there is ample sunshine and where it is limited.

Solar lighting is a best way to create environment friendly zones. Also, it can even reduce soil remediation in contaminated areas. When used in parking lots, it lessens the load on generators during emergencies, thereby making them available for communication and other purposes.

The idea of solar roadways achieved first position and gained popularity in two general electric competitions. One is Ecomagination Challenge for "Powering the Grid" in 2010 and the other one is Ecomagination Challenge for "Powering the Home" in 2011.

Apart from saving power, solar powered parking lot poles can illuminate light over wide range of area. While fixing the poles, you need to ensure the place where you are installing has sufficient sunlight and space. Once installed, it is difficult to relocate the system as it would be a technical and financial burden.

In this era, where we are struggling to save energy and environment, concepts like solar panel would be very helpful. It is not only beneficial for us, but for our future generations too. So, plan your future wisely and move ahead with pride.

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