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Clarifying Misconceptions about Solar Energy

There is a massive campaign around the world in using renewable energy, especially solar energy. Fossil fuels are depleting and so renewable energy is the way to go. However, there are still so many people who don't buy this idea. This is mainly because of their misconception about the solar energy. If you are one of these people, it is high time to get the facts straight and eventually make up your mind.

solar energy

Renewable energy is fiction

Well, this is totally incorrect. In fact, a lot of governments in the world have proven that renewable energy is the way to go. They have started their efforts a long time ago and now they are reaping the fruits of their labor. Germany for instance has already successfully moved to renewable energy sources by up to 25%, with goals of reaching 80% by 2050. In China, over 150 billion kilowatt hours of electricity from wind and solar powers have already been utilized. In 2013, Portugal has already achieved 70% in terms of shift to renewable energy sources.

Solar energy cost is too high

This is somehow true, but it is still a better decision in the end. You will spend a lot at first. However, you will save on solar hot water in the long run compared with the amount of money that you waste paying your monthly electric bills. There are also a lot of government initiatives to help those who wish to get loans. They also provide tax breaks and other incentives. You can even check out the best solar quotes online to compare the amount you have to spend for this endeavor.

Solar energy is not constant and stable

Some people might think that it is impossible to have solar energy when there is no sun. Well, this is old news. Solar energy utilizes solar and wind power as well as natural gas located in various digestion plants. The mixture of these energy sources will ensure that there is a steady supply of energy. Solar batteries are also used to store energy that can be used later when the sun is out. More researches are also being conducted to find ways to store energy at a lower cost and improve solar inverters. Thus, despite the absence of the sun, power is still generated.

Make your move

Now that these myths have been debunked, it is time for you to make your move by checking out for the best solar quotes. By then, you can compare the prices and find the best partner to help you get started.

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