Giant LED Screens: Ad Stars Like It Big

Giant LED screens have taken advertisement to a completely new level. It’s the size and the display capacity that makes them ideal for outdoor ads, whether in the CBD or in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps one thing that makes them exceptional as advertisement medium is the fact that they eliminate the need to keep changing content manually.

With conventional billboards, I bet you’ve seen those guys climb up there, set up the ad of the season, while you tell yourself, “They must be so brave, those daredevils!” I bet you also said to yourself that you would never do that – not in a million years. And they have to do it again next time once that ad has lost its taste. But not with giant LED screens; with them, changing content is only a matter of changing content just like you would change a wallpaper on your computer.

Be that as it may, picking the perfect giant LED screen for your ad campaign is not something that everyone knows, considering that not everyone is familiar with this technology. Since you are in the industry, let’s have a look at some of the things that will help you pick something that will do exactly what you’d like it to.

Dimensions and Customization

One of the most crucial things you want to consider when investing in a giant LED screen is the size of the thing. They are already gigantic but even giants come in different sizes. Consider the specifics of the dimensions you’d like the screen to be and have those measurements with you when you are ordering one. This will help you get something that will fit perfectly where you want it.

The good thing with giant LED screens is that you can have them customized to your preferences. If the size you want is something that’s unique, you can have it created just for you. They may be big but they give you flexibility so that you have things your way.


Whenever we are talking about pixels and screens, chances are that we are talking about resolution.Big LED screenscome with unique high luminosity pixel pitch that is special for each screen size. A smaller pixel pitch will be more expensive for larger screen sizes than for smaller ones. Bigger pixel pitch is more affordable regardless of the screen size. I guess the only thing that’s limiting you here is your pockets. Go for whatever you can afford based on your bank account.


In as much as giant LEDs are meant for visual display for images that need to be seen from a distance, not all of them are ideal for outdoor display. Factors like the weather come into play, as some of these screens cannot survive harsh weather conditions. Consider the environment you’ll be using the screen and ensure you invest in one that will thrive despite. Look for IP54 and IP65 protection levels when investing in these screens. These two levels are the recommended levels for outdoor usage of giant LED screens.

Assembly and Installation

Considering their size, you may think a giant LED screen takes forever to install but not necessarily. It depends on where you get yours as well as the company that created it. Look for giant LED screens that are easy to assemble and install. The best ones are the ones that you can assemble yourself with a little preparation. If it demands that a specialist does the assembly, then chances are that it is too complex. I’m not saying that you should ignore it if it is too complex to install, I’m just saying that the easier it is to install, the less demanding it will be for you.

Remote Control and Programming

As I indicated earlier, one of the beauties of giant LED screens is the fact that you can change their content easily. Once you set these things up, the next time you’ll be taking them down will be when you are relocating or something needs repair. Otherwise, once it is set, your work should be only changing content from a remote location.

Giant LED screens come with facilities that allow you to connect to external sources like laptops to determine what to display in a given period. Ensure that the device you go for has such options. The less you have to climb up to the device to tweak it, the better.


If you’ll be doing the maintenance of the devices yourself, then you should invest in something that has a clear maintenance guide. Otherwise, you can outsource the maintenance task and only focus on displaying your ads.

Giant LED screens are just so amazing that I can’t imagine life without them. I’m eager to see where the technology advances. I really like them in the city in front of buildings like they are in Tokyo, Japan or Times Square, New York.

If you have any questions, please ask below!