Why Repair a Broken Cell Phone Rather Than Buying a New One

cellphone-repairSustaining cell phone damage is something that no one wants to go through, but it unfortunately happens quite regularly. As soon as significant damage happens to your cell phone, you might immediately consider taking the easy way out and buying a new one without much thought. However, there are many benefits to repairing rather than replacing. These are 5 reasons why you should opt to repair!

1. Repairs Are Cheap-New Cell Phones Are Not

Let’s face it. Buying a new cell phone outright is often times an extremely costly venture. You’ll find that the awesome phone that you initially paid $50 for with the signing of a new contract is in fact nearly $400 without any extra discounts or waived fees. Smartphones are not decreasing in value, either. Some of the top brands might start their newest models out at whopping prices that can approach the four digit range. Buying a new phone mid-contract is often pricy while a repair can start from as low as $5-$10.

2. Changing Phones is Often Stressful

If you’ve ever had to unexpectedly switch phones in the past, then you know that it can be a stressful and tedious process. You have to transfer your contacts, re-download apps, move files, and in some cases, you could even lose important information. Is buying a new phone really worth losing information that you’ll likely never retrieve?

3. Upgrade Option is Often Sacrificed

Often times, when a new cell phone is purchased mid-contract, the provider might sacrifice the upgrade option that typically comes towards the end of the contract. Actually, the contract might reset with the purchase of a new phone, pushing the upgrade option back another two years, or however long the duration of the contract is. This is not the case with all providers, but it is still a risk that might exist with purchasing a new device rather than repairing.

4. Repairing is Easy

Not only is repairing easy, but it’s not time-consuming. Many people assume that when they get a repair done, they’ll have to wait for days on end without a cell phone to fall back on. The most common repair for modern smartphones is the cracked screen repair, and it can take anywhere from an hour to a day to complete. This is not a very long wait compared to the amount of money you could shell out on a brand new piece of technology when it’s not even necessary. Educate yourself on the specific type of repair that you need, and you might be surprised to find that you could have your phone back and working within as little as the same day.

5. Personal Attachment

Lastly, a major reason to repair and not replace is because of the personal attachment that you might have to your cell phone. You go through practically everything with your cell phone. Your phone may have been with you when you fell in love with your first sweetheart, or it may have helped you achieve difficult goals that would have otherwise been impossible. Whatever the reason, don’t let go of something you have a personal attachment to just because you want to replace.

Overall, repairing is the most intelligent option in most cases when users are faced with the dilemma of replacing versus fixing. Unless the phone is completely bricked, repairing is always the most practical solution.

This article was published on behalf of Dorris Wilkenson. She has worked as a cellular engineer for the past 6 years. For more information on cell phone repair, check out iFixandRepair.com.

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