The Importance of Energy Performance Certificates

EPCThe energy performance certificate was introduced in England in 2007 and was put in place for homes with four bedrooms or more. The domestic properties were given an energy rating and since then, regulations have been put in place that requires smaller properties to have an energy performance certificate present in their home. The certificates are valid for ten years and are crucial for those who want to sell their property.

Obtaining an energy performance certificate isn't incredibly difficult and after somebody surveys your house, they will give you an energy rating from A-G and if the home is energy efficient the more likely it will have a rating of A. The rating depicts how energy efficient the home is and for those who have a bad energy rating, advice may be given on ways their efficiency can be improved.

An EPC is important for homeowners when they are selling their house as it gives any potential buyers the correct information, allowing them to make an informed choice. An energy performance certificate has to be obtained by anyone who has decided to sell their home and without one you could be penalised. If you home has a good energy rating then it will be beneficial for you to show potential buyers as it is a huge selling point for a lot of people.

Energy Performance Certificates are also extremely important for homeowner as it allows them to see where they can increase the amount of energy they save and consequently reduce the amount they spend on monthly energy bills. By having a surveyor assess your home you can get an accurate recording of the energy you use, both what is necessary and not. By getting the EPC you can see where you can save money on your energy bills, making it extremely worthwhile.

The British Government has set up a new scheme for those who wish to make their home more energy efficient and with the help of system, more people will find it easier to make changes to their home in order to reduce the money they spend on energy. Energy saving methods can be extremely expensive and the green deal helps to alleviate some of the costs that accompany energy efficient methods.

If you choose to go ahead with the green deal a surveyor will come and assess your home and advise you on the best energy saving methods. It is then your choice as to which you go ahead with and after you have decided, someone will come to your home at your convenience and make the relevant changes to your home. The payments will be no more than the average household bill, meaning you make savings both in the short and long term.

If you decide to move house, the payments being made to your energy provider will automatically go to the next homeowner and it is important that they are aware of this before you sell the home. If the changes have already been made there will be no outstanding balance for the new owners, making your home have a clear advantage and making it more desirable.

If you go through with the green deal, you can get an energy performance advisor who will give you a new rating for your energy efficient home which you will be able to present to any new tenants or potential buyers. If you are starting to climb the property ladder it is important that you always request to see their energy performance certificate. They should have one available for you to study and the ratings could be either a huge advantage or a drawback.

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