The Healthcare Wireless Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Industry for The Good

wireless-technology-1967494_960_720The healthcare industry has gone through a few major changes in the past few years, thanks to the advancements made in the innovative wireless technology.

Now that has actually benefited the public on the whole which can be considered to be a definite upside in itself.

Hence, it’s no surprise that the ever-growing market of the healthcare WiFi technology is expected to grow more and more competitive in the years to follow with all these advanced IoT gadgets and all.

Anyway, let’s take a peek at a few ways through which the healthcare wireless has already transformed the healthcare industry for good.

Medical advancements made as a result of advanced healthcare WiFi

The benefits of WiFi are no longer limited to the phones or the computers. It has spread its wings as a result of the advancements made in the IoT technology.

Today, reliable healthcare WiFi is being used in oxygen monitoring gadgets, MRI scans, X-rays and smart beds for improved patient monitoring. It’s also used to gain immediate access to EMRs (electronic medical records) regardless of you being close to a computer or not.

This form of connectivity that allows users to access data from anywhere, anytime according to their requirements has truly resulted in an improved medical service on the whole, which is inclusive of things like:

  • Improved patient monitoring.
  • Improved patient safety.
  • Improved patient care.
  • Improved treatment.

So is there something not to like? Guess not!

Helps to manage the staff overflow

Hospital nurses are vitally important to patient care and operations, but they’re often found to be under a whole lot of stress and workload as a result of poor staff management.

Healthcare WiFi can play a significant role to easing things up and can also contribute a lot in better staff management.

For e.g.

Celebration Health, a Hospital facility in Florida has employed an RTLS (Real time location system) to accurately measure the operational efficiency of its new patient tower that opened in the year 2011.

Nurses will wear the RTLS badge during operation; an act that can help the hospital authorities collect and analyze data regarding the movement of their staff members to find out ways to improve their staff management policies.

Patient benefits

The wireless technology has shown great potentials to improve the healthcare experience from the patients’ point of view.

It can enhance communication with friends as well as families, and can also provide them entertainment to reduce the feeling of isolation.

A hospital is not a prison although most look at it in the same way. The wireless technology can help to lessen that feeling of separation.

Medical equipment tracking has improved a lot as a result of the advanced wireless technology

Advanced wireless technology has made it easier for hospitals to not only track the real time location of critical medical equipments but to also know the current condition of the equipments from the administrative office itself.

This has significantly lessened hours of searching, resulting in a smoother and more efficient healthcare operation. Medical emergencies can be tackled in a whole new manner now as a result of the same.

Personalized service

Healthcare WiFi has made it possible for hospitals to provide their patients with a more personalized service.

For example,

  • Hospitals can use their wireless technology to provide their older patients with disease-related information, and also show them the different ways to keep them at bay in the best possible manner.
  • They can also use the same technology to send vaccination-related information to the parents of younger children for a more effective service.
  • Dentists can use the technology to send promotional offers to their patients about various teeth whitening procedures and other similar services.

Automated environmental monitoring

There are many sensitive places in hospitals where the environment needs to be monitored as carefully as possible. This includes the likes of storage places where tissues, blood samples, life-saving drugs, etc. are stored for medical treatment and testing purposes.

Even the slightest change in temperature and humidity may result in a problem. Hence, 24/7 monitoring needs to be done to ensure that the environment’s maintained in the best possible way.

The wireless technology can play a big role in automating the entire procedure, thereby saving a whole lot of money in the process. If this is not a benefit, I seriously don’t know what is.

So, to sum up, I can easily say that healthcare WiFi is really transforming the healthcare industry for the good. Are you on the bandwagon yet? If you are not, you better get on it ASAP. It’s going to benefit you more in the long run for sure.

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