New Cleaning Technology In 2018

Well, there is no second opinion that technology has made our lives easy and hassle-free in every sense. Be it getting all the details over a single click or getting a helping hand in the form of a robot, the technology has marked its presence everywhere. Day by day, new and innovative tools are coming into being with a single motto to ameliorate various tasks. The foamy and creamy cup of cappuccino that you get in a minute is possible with a technology only and how can we forget the accessibility that we get through the Internet of Things. While the entire world is driven by technology, cleaning and maintenance industry is also taking its copious benefits. With the help of innovative and latest technology, taking a note of various things is now effortless and precise. Let’s dig it bit deeper and see how the new cleaning technology has made cleaning efficient and less cumbersome in 2018.

The Ingenious Internet of Things

Well, there is hardly any soul that doesn’t know what Internet is. This ground-breaking technology is not a fad but one of the most potent tools. The cleaning industry has found various innovative methods to use this leading and new cleaning technology to the fullest. The data-driven tools are there to give you a real-time and constant tracking of soap dispensers, tissues, and towel. Many public areas like airports, hotels, and malls are connecting all these items with a system and keep an eye on them without putting much of efforts, now, say goodbye to empty soap dispenser and tissue boxes.

The Man-Made Miracle – “Robots”

Robots - New Cleaning Technology

Robots are indeed one of the most innovative tools that technology has given us. Starting from the scientific-labs to coffee shops, robots are now playing a crucial role. When it comes to cleaning, floor cleaning is one of the most suitable areas. Industries are making most out their supreme efficiency to do the tedious job of floor cleaning. Floor cleaning robots are getting into the mainstream with a pretty high speed. Apart from cleaning the floors, these technological marvels are lending a helping hand in various tasks including doors, granite kitchen countertops, and windows cleaning as well.

The Smart Drones

Drones - New Cleaning Technology

Drones are another major invention that has marked its presence with a bang. There are many inaccessible places in every building which are out of reach. But drones are there to give you an access to those remote places and help you out. They keep a constant check over those areas and give you a thorough report about the condition of those places.

The Smart Dispensers

Cleaning is not limited to floor and window cleaning. It gets an extension with personal hygiene. Hand hygiene grabs the first place when we talk about personal hygiene. Automatic soap dispensers ensure that there is no transfer of germs from one person to another at public places. No need to pump out the soap, these smart dispensers sense out the presence of hands and works out accordingly. This touch-free dispenser comes with a battery embedded in them which keep the system updated out of the quality of the soap and other related data.

The Sharp and Intellect Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatic Sprayer

How hard is it to spread the cleaning liquid at every nook and corner? Indeed very cumbersome. But now it can be done effortlessly. All thanks go to the innovative electrostatic sprayer which out a charge in the liquid and allow it to spread all over. Owing to its supreme potential, it can clean a large area of more than 18,000 feet in less than two hours that too with minimum residual. Now no more dirty crannies.

The Endowed Toilet Papers

Yes, technology has made its presence in this section as well. There is now new sort of toilet paper technology which is famed as Biologic Active Tissues. The paper works in all new methods to reduce the organic waste. The moment it comes in a close content of water, the natural microorganisms present in it become activated and reduce the harmful enzymes. This process is highly useful to reduce the build-up of organic waste in the pipes. The cherry on the cake is the sanitizing effect created by these innovative tissues stays as long as four weeks. It also brings a fresh and pleasant smell by eliminating bad odors.


Technology is not a new thing for us. Since ages it is helping us in various ways. That austere yet potent vacuum cleaner of 1860 or electric washing machine of 1908 proved their usability in various senses back then. In the similar fashion, new cleaning technologies have made tough and tedious cleaning process less cumbersome.

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