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Must-Have Gadgets for Seniors

Safety and security are the two most important things that should be looked upon when taking care of an elderly. But when the elderly is living alone, these two become even more crucial. From being prompt on taking medication to summoning for help, today's technology offers a wide array of easy-to-use gadgets designed for seniors. These innovations keep families at ease and the elderly feeling independent. Here are some basic must-have devices to keeping your elderly loved ones safe and secured.

Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Blood Glucose MonitoringDiabetes is a common disease among seniors. Monitoring its status is therefore important to be able to act on it accordingly. Used to test the concentration of glucose in the blood, a blood glucose monitoring system is a useful and easy to operate tool that shows results instantly. Particularly, the LifeScan One Touch Ultra Blood Glucose Monitoring yields results in only five seconds and requires just a speck of blood. It keeps record of the last 150 tests with dates and times, very convenient for seniors with short-term memory loss or other family members who want to keep track of it.

Medication Reminder

Medication ReminderFor most people, maintaining too many tablets every day could be a taxing task. But it's a lot of challenge for elders with short-term memory loss. But this is such an important obligation that shouldn't be neglected, that's why some manufacturers have cleverly come up with digital pill reminders. Such products feature alarm clock timer that can be set to sound when it's time for another dosage. For instance, the Cadex Medication Reminder Watch and Digital Medical Alert Bracelet include Medical Snooze which will sound every three minutes until medications are taken. The CVS/pharmacy Digital Pill Reminder on the other hand has an alarm that beeps 20 times when it's time to take medications.

Personal Alarm

Personal AlarmPeace of mind among family and guardians and independence to user can be achieved with the help of personal and panic alarms. Designed to be compact and easy to carry around, they come in different forms, some even appearing as bracelets and other accessories. A simple press of a button will alert a call center which can notify the police, fire, or emergency medical personnel. Get them this gadget as it actually has the potential to be a life saver companion.


Cellphone for old peopleJust as much as most people cannot seem to live without any a mobile phone, communication is essential to the elderly, especially when they are living alone. Mobile phones come very handy not only in staying connected with loved ones, but also during emergencies. Fortunately, there are a lot of senior friendly cellphones in the market with large screen display and very simple interface. Snapfon Ez One for instance caters to the market with large buttons and accessible SOS button. Samsung Jitterbug also takes pride in offering basic cellphone features to send messages and make and receive calls.

Video Game Console

old-woman-playingStretching and moving are made fun and entertaining for aging adults, thanks to consoles that offer recommendable games for seniors to enjoy. Game creators for the likes of Wii and Kinect have come up with games that require physical movements. They are not only physically beneficial but also challenging enough to keep the mind sharp. Popular Wii games of this kind include Wii Fit Plus and Big Brain Academy Wii Degree, while Kinect boasts of game activities such as sports, dance, and fitness. Getting active physically is always advisable for older adults, it also helps that it releases endorphin that brighten up their moods. It's a great way for them to escape boredom and even bond and socialize with others.

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