Must-Have Gadgets for Busy Women

woman-on-computer-and-speaking-on-phoneFrom the moment she wakes up and picks out an outfit for the day to the time she prepares dinner or heads out to meet with the friends, a woman's daily routine is anything but dull. Whether she is a full time mom or a working bachelorette, juggling through chores and tasks could be stressful. But thanks to technology, any job can be made easier through these must-have gadgets for women on the go.


When the smartphone and tablet just aren't the best places to store old files and thousands of photos, the laptop can always come to the rescue. Laptop manufacturers are definitely eyeing on the purchasing power of women, releasing brightly colored and lightweight models with sleek designs, without compromising important features. The MacBook Air has a slim and sexy appeal that can slip into a woman's bag anytime. The Sony Vaio series also offers a lot of good options that women may like, in terms of design and specs.


Always a good pastime and hobby, reading can be a busy woman's refuge from every day stress. Plus, it's also a great way to learn new things, whether random or incredibly useful at work. From getting recipes for home cooking to indulging in a good read on holidays to skimming for some quick di-stressor during lunch breaks, an e-reader can practically be a walking library for any book lover. The Kindle and iPad are rather favorites because of their practical screen size, easy download features, and compact design.


No, not because women are terrible at directions compared to men but because this device is in fact handy regardless of gender. GPS will serve really useful for busy women who drive and brave heavy traffic every day. Whether it's taking an alternative route to avoid an unexpected road block or driving to an unfamiliar route for some important business meeting, this gadget can be any woman's roadtrip buddy. Some GPS even have a feature that can detect upcoming traffic conditions. This helps anticipate traffic and therefore manage time better.


An obviously preferred gadget is the smartphone. Calling, texting, emailing, taking photos, music, playing games, and so much more are all conveniently packed in one handy device. Digital marketing and tech PR have become even more powerful in reaching its audience; and likewise, connecting to the world has become so much easier through this gadget. From checking the weather to engaging with clients, a reliable smartphone can potentially be any woman's best friend.

Portable Photo Printer

Women could be a little too excited when it comes to capturing moments and document events, no matter how simple or grand they are. And sometimes uploading them to the social media just isn't enough. For women who want tangible mementos of a day at the beach or a successful hike to the mountains, portable photo printers are the way to go. There is the HP PhotoSmart printers made to be produce photos anytime. Meanwhile, Canon has a PIXMA All-In-One portable gadgets line that can print wirelessly straight from mobile apps and cloud storage. This gadget is perfect for any occasion, from business trips to island vacations.

USB memory stick

Cloud storage may be a revolutionary addition to the wonders of the virtual world. But a real woman knows how to keep backup copies of important files in case of unexpected loss of internet connection. USB memory sticks have proven reliable in storing and transferring data from one computer to another. Stylish ladies don't need to worry about looking too stiff with so many gorgeous designs of USB sticks to choose from in the market. Swarovski even released a 4GB Crystal USB sticks, which sophisticated women would love.

Here is a video featuring those Swarovski 4GB Crystal USB sticks.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qReaJPtnTaA]

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