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Why Kiosks are Still in Use in the Mobile World.

images (8)How can Kiosks stay worthwhile in a mobile world? That is a question in most people's mind. One thing that is inevitable is change. With improved technology, almost everything is done through mobile phone. The reason why businesses stay in place despite the changes in technology is through diversification. Some years back, perhaps one would ask how kiosks could beat the ticket agents and cashiers.

Different people take different time to adopt the changes in technology for example, the check-in kiosks have been in place for years yet a good percentage of traveller still use the same airline counter.

According to an expert, George Moore, there is a gap between those people who adopt technology at early stages and those who wait to hear the experience of other users. Through Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC) it explains why there is a variance at which different people adopt the new technology. Each type of technology moves through this cycle.

Kiosks remain worthwhile in this mobile world because of some factors such as:

  • Kiosks are strategically located ate places with high traffic and at the same time they offer physical means for vending and placing adverts. Kiosks provide physical presence for consumers who can use it freely thus they bridge the mobile experience through signage on the kiosks and advertising. A business can inform its consumers about mobile functionality that can be coupled with kiosks.
  • For you to carry out some functions through mobile phone, you need to have the applications on phone and due to many uses and bills that you may want to do, having all those applications on your phone takes so much space on your phone. For kiosk, you only need to use one kiosk for so many functions which a mobile device may not handle.
  • Carrying out functions on mobile phone requires costs such as airtime, transaction fees and other additional costs. Due to strategic location of the kiosks, you can kill two birds with one stone but using the kiosk when you go on with your regular errands. The costs involved in the use of kiosks are very minimal yet do lots of functionalities.

Kiosks play a great role in the emergence of the mobile world. As we progress with technology, perhaps both the kiosks and experiences will interlock and evolve to help better serve clients.

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