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Why iPad Insurance is Important for Your New iPad Air?

apple-ipad-airThe iPad Air has already become the most talked about and sought after gadget on the market, and sales of the latest Apple offering are set to soar, especially with Christmas coming up. The device is 28% lighter than its predecessor, the iPad 4, which was by no means a hefty beast in itself. It has a design that is basically an enlarged version of the iPad Mini, and as always with Apple products, it looks fantastic. Reviews of the device have already rated it very highly, and whether you already have a previous iPad or not, if you try one, you are going to want one.

Of course, we all know that one of the main advantages to a tablet is its portability - it gives you much of the functionality of your laptop but without you needing a surface to work on. This means you can pull it out on the bus or the Tube and get right back to working, browsing, checking your social media accounts and responding to emails. Unlike your laptop, it also offers you more accessible entertainment options, being ideal for watching a movie, listening to your music library, reading a book or playing an addictive game. All of this means you are likely to have your iPad on show a lot of the time, and this, sadly, makes it a high risk product to own in terms of personal theft.

Security on the iPad Air

While the iPad Air doesn’t come with the fingerprint recognition feature that has been added to the iPhone 5S, the beefed up security in the iOS 7 operating system it runs on (the same as the 5S) means it is actually a very hard device for thieves to cope with. Without knowing your Apple ID, it is theoretically (though often tech savvy thieves find a way to hack these things) impossible to turn off the ‘Find My iPad’ feature that can track a stolen or lost device from another computer or phone, or wipe the iPad’s contents. This is good news in a way because it means that thieves who know this will be less likely to target iOS 7 devices, however it doesn’t really help you if yours is lifted - you still don’t have your iPad anymore.

You should always activate the passcode lock on your iPad Air as a precaution too, it will stop a thief (or even just a nosey friend or partner!) from being able to get into your device and see your personal data, log into your social media and email accounts, or worse, gather together information about you with a view to committing identity fraud. Sure, it is a bit annoying typing in a 4 digit pin every single time your device locks, but it takes less than a second and it can save you a lot of stress. Again, of course, this only protects what is on your iPad - it doesn’t help you get it back.

Because the security measures on the device are there to make it less attractive to thieves and to make it harder for them to access your information or resell your iPad, they can give you a lot of peace of mind. But there is really nothing Apple can do to the device, short of making it electrocute anyone but you if they touch it. This is why the second thing you should buy the day you get your iPad Air is insurance.

What Insurance Do You Need?

Sadly, your home contents insurance probably isn’t going to cover your iPad as well as you might hope. Home insurance has been around for far longer than portable gadgets, and its model just isn’t designed to cope with the fact we now all walk around with a load of high value tech that poses a high theft risk. While your policy may, if you name the device as one of the valuable things you own, offer some coverage, it is unlikely to pay out the full amount and may not cover all eventualities. If you check the details on your policy you can make an educated decision about whether you are happy with how much protection it offers.

If you are not, the best thing to do is seek out insurance designed specifically with iPads in mind. You can get policies of this nature from providers like Protect Your Bubble, who only deal in insurance for tech gear and therefore have planned their policies around the things owners of these items most often have to claim for. This means you can confidently get the most out of your iPad Air without having to worry about what you will do if it is stolen, broken, or gets damaged in a fire or flood.

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  1. I need to know how to purchase insurance to cover my iPad air I thought I could do it through apple please let me know

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