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Why Calling Cards Are Better Than Skype and VOIP

phone-computerNowadays, the need for fast, efficient, and clear communications is of critical importance to individuals and corporations. And with the rapid globalization we are facing, being in a remote area should not be a reason to be out of touch. Technological advances have brought about so many gains in the communications industries. The computer application Skype is one such innovation. It allows anyone with an internet connection to enjoy video-conferencing and voice-calling facilities free with other members and at a fee with non-members. Similar to Skype are other communication options that operate on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Despite all these advancements, international calling cards still retain high relevance with people who make lots of international calls. These cards hold some very important and essential advantages over VoIP, Skype, and other similar communication options. Some of these advantages include:

Internet Reliance

Perhaps the biggest advantage international calling cards have over communication options such as Skype and VoIP is that you do not necessarily have to have an internet connection to enjoy their services. To use VoIP and Skype, you not only have to have an internet connection, but the connection also has to be very fast and reliable. Unfortunately, these are not qualities you are likely to encounter in far remote areas such as third world countries. You may find that in some countries, maybe only the rich have internet connections and probably only in major cities. And even then, the internet connection may be unreliable and of poor bandwidth, making communication using Skype and VoIP impossible. Apart from the availability of internet connections, some people are still not so good at using computers. Even the simplest operations on a computer may seem very difficult to them.

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Ease of Purchase

Purchasing international calling cards is very easy. Your provider will most likely quote prices in your chosen currency rather than you having to choose between only one or two major currencies then calculating the conversion rates. Calling cards are available both online and in convenience stores. Most international airports in the world will have calling cards from many different calling card providers.


Skype and other VoIP options need so many regular software updates and related maintenance operations such as anti-virus protection. These may complicate the whole process of quickly getting in touch with your loved ones or your business associates. Apart from that, calling cards offer the choice of easily recharging them anytime they run out of funds.

Free Minutes

Calling card providers are in constant competition as it is a multi-billion dollar industry. And these come with many advantages for users. That is why you will find that most providers offer free minutes with every card purchase. There are always other extras like free minutes for referring friends.

Best Rates

Skype and VoIP charges on cross-platform calls are so high compared to the rates charged on international calling cards. The rates for using an international calling card are far easier to bear whether you are calling to a landline or a cell phone.

at last, you do not need special devices such as laptops, PCs, or high end smart phones to use an international calling card. Most types of phones are compatible with the calling cards so no matter where you are in the world, you always have a means of communicating.

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