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Types of SIM Card Connectors

We cannot imagine a world without mobile phones. These little devices help us stay connected with each other in an age that is buzzing with digital noise.

But these mobile phones wouldn't mean a thing if they didn't come with SIM cards. SIM is short for Subscriber Identity Module and they are the lifeline for the mobile phones that we carry around.

A SIM card consists of a body and a number of connected receptacles for receiving and conducting terminals. These terminals are responsible for the electric signalling which is received by the SIM card.

Now this SIM card is held in place by a SIM card holder. These SIM card holders can be of various types depending on the design of the mobile phone. In this article, we will be discussing about these types.

  1. Push-Push SIM Card Connector

Push-Push SIM Card Connector

As you can already deduce from the name, this type of SIM card connector employs the technique of pushing in a SIM and giving it a push to take it out. It comes in three different types for you to choose from. The specifics include the height of either 1.5 or 1.9 mm with the number of contacts being 6 or 8. This type of card holder omits the risk of misinsertion completely.

  1. Push Pull SIM Card Connector

Push Pull SIM Card Connector

This type of SIM card connector employs the mechanism of pushing in a SIM card and pulling it out. It is available in 6 different types with the number of contacts ranging between 6 and 8. The height is typically between 1.35 and 3.44 mm. Apart from that, depending on the type, the switch, durability, packaging and a few similar aspects differ.

  1. Dual SIM Card Connector

Dual SIM Card Connector

The dual SIM card connector takes the SU+IM card holder technology to the next level. It brings to you the concept of inserting two SIM cards in one device and saves you the cost and space of another PCB placement. The card type is generally Mini 2FF with a durability of 5000. It has 8 contacts and has a height of 3 mm. It comes with a metal cover and without a switch. It is also packed in reels of 700.

  1. Hinged SIM Card Connector

Hinged SIM Card Connector

A hinged SIM card connector comes with a hinge lock mechanism that holds the SIM card in place. It comes in three different categories, with the number of contacts ranging between 6 and 8. The height of this type of SIM card connector is for three categories range between 2.5 and 3 mm. They may come with or without a switch, a durability ranging between 5000 and 10000 and an optional locating peg.

  1. Contact SIM Card Connector

Contact SIM Card Connector

The contact SIM card connector comes in one type only, which is the mini 2FF. The number of contacts is 8 and the height ranges between 1.3 to 2 mm. It comes without a switch and the durability is 100000.

  1. Mini SIM Card Connector

Mini SIM Card Connector

As the name suggest, this type of connector is for mini SIM cards only. It comes in 11 different types with the number of contacts ranging between 6 and 8.

  1. Micro SIM Card Connector

Micro SIM Card Connector

They are designed for micro SIM cards only and are generally available for push-pull and push-pull card types only. The number of contacts could be 6 or 8 with the durability ranging from 1500 to 5000.

  1. Nano SIM Card Connector

Nano SIM Card Connector

This is available in push-push category with 6 contacts and a height of 1.35 mm. It is used for nano SIM cards only.

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