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Top Reasons to Immediately Replace Your Landline Phone

VoIP softphonePhone bills are probably the biggest burden on small business budgets and those that see a way out seem to be quite a few. Yes, there is a way out of the expensive traditional communication services and it's called VoIP, which refers to Voice over IP and this is all it does -it transfer voice data over the internet. It started to gain popularity just few years ago, previously it was mostly something only larger businesses could afford, as it involved pretty expensive installation. What changed was the introduction of the softphone, which is basically an application, which you install on your smartphone and use VoIP to communicate with employees, but at much more affordable rates - this is something every small business owner wants! If you are still not convinced about why the VoIP offers much better communication opportunities than traditional phone services, take a look at this list with top benefits of using this protocol:

Cost Effective

The main reason why VoIP is much better than traditional cellular communications is its cost - all service providers offer custom-tailored packages to suit the needs of even the smallest and most diverse companies. Furthermore, landline and international calls are much cheaper, as well as often included in the basic package offered by the provider.

Ability to Combine Multiple Communication Mediums

VoIP allows you to get the best of all communication mediums you use to manage your work - from the email to video calls. With this amazing protocol, you will quickly maximize the efficiency of your employees, without making their lives too harder.

Receive Voicemails as Emails

Voicemails received on VoIP softphones can be received as emails for further use, so you can easily keep track of all ongoing communication.

Location Independent

VoIP softphones are apps that you can run on any device you use in your everyday life - from your smartphone to your laptop. You only need internet connectivity to take advantage of the VoIP features and communicate with others in the same manner you usually do.

Easily Communicate with Remote Workers

Managers of remote teams will truly appreciate the ability to communicate with their employees remotely, without page huge bills to telecoms. With reasonable rates for overseas calls, the VoIP will help you take your team to the next level!

Digital Recordings

We all forget many things especially when we are under a lot of pressure, so having digital recordings of all your conversations will help you quickly end this for the better. With most softphones, these are stored in the cloud, so you don't have to make any changes on your devices whatsoever!

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