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Top 3 Budget Mobile Phones

Not everybody can afford to pay for the latest smartphone, so if you find that you’d like a new phone but just don’t have enough spare cash lying around, don’t despair! There are many cheaper options if you don’t have enough money just yet, and Cubot phones are definitely models to consider. If you’re on a budget, it simply means that you probably won’t be able to afford all the latest phones, but you can definitely get a great smartphone for a great price.

1. Cubot S308


This model is known as the business wand and is extremely elegant and slim. With a fabulous screen, it’s great for playing all your favourite games, watching your favourite movies while you’re at home, on your way to work or relaxing in the living room, and the great display just makes it so much easier to browse the internet. The 2GB of RAM which you’ll receive make it so much faster no matter what you’re doing, and you’ll notice that you can browse the internet and watch movies with ease from your smartphone. This is a great option whether you want a new phone for business use, personal use or just as an extra phone. Here are some of the popular and recommended Cubot mobile phones and other smartphones that you could have a look at while you’re shopping around for a new smartphone.

2. Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520

Like most technological devices, once a certain model has been on the market for a while, it will drastically decrease it price. This simply means that if you want a while, you can get a decent phone for a fraction of the price which it cost when it was first released. The only problem with this is that most people like to have a very modern and updated phone; however, there’s no need for this if you’re trying to save money and work around a tight budget. This particular smartphone has received amazing reviews overall for its performance, appearance and features. The scratch-resistant glass means that you don’t have to worry about small scratches appearing on the display of your phone, and the micro SD slot allows users to increase the storage space by as much as 64GB.

3. Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G

For a fairly cheap smartphone, the Motorola Moto G has amazing battery life. It will last for as long as 24 hours, which is considered to be very good in the world of smartphones. If you have previous experience with smartphones or you have friends who have smartphones, you’ll know that one of the biggest problems encountered with these devices is the battery life. If you want to use your phone throughout the day, you may discover that you have to keep charging it up as you go along, and some people carry portable chargers with them in the case of an emergency or if their phones run out of battery completely. Also remember when you buy a new phone that you can prevent poor battery life by charging it fully and letting it drain completely, and always taking it out of the charger when it’s fully charged. This particular phone has a fairly simple design but will serve you well with the 5 MP camera and 4.5 inch display.

Any phone on a contract!

Remember that if it suits you better to pay a monthly fee, you can do this quite simply by taking out a contract or phone plan. If you opt for the most expensive and newest phones, you will probably discover that you have to pay an upfront fee additionally. In order to avoid this, find a cheap plan which gives you a good phone which has been out a few months already. You’ll be able to pick up a fabulous deal, and you’ll get data, minutes and text messages included in your plan. You will then pay for this over a period of one, two or three years and you’ll be able to keep the phone at the end of it. The most important thing if you choose this route is to make sure that you can definitely afford to make the payments each month, or you will find yourself with a bad credit score and no phone whatsoever!

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