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Reasons to Switch to an iPhone 5

The mobile industry is booming and since the customers nowadays treat mobile not just as a mere necessity but a companion of their daily lives, the demand for better efficient mobile phones is on the rise. There are a wide range of mobile phones to choose from but despite the cost, the iPhones from Apple are the most popular among the mobile consumers today.

But there are many people who still have some doubts as to why they should ditch their old phones and switch to the latest Apple iPhone 5. One of the consumers who is fully satisfied with iPhone 5 says, "Most people think that iPhones cost a fortune and thus do not like to invest in them. But the truth is that iPhones give value for money and with online wholesale suppliers for iPhone parts, an investment in an iPhone is actually a long term affair."

Let us take a look as to why one should switch to an iPhone 5 and give up on the traditional mobile phones:

1. Ease of Using: Contrary to the belief that iPhone 5 is not a user friendly device and could confuse the users, the truth is that iPhone 5 is very comfortable and easy to operate and very user friendly. These phones can be used even by people who are not very tech savvy.

2. Amazing App Store: In comparison to the apps available for smartphones, Apple iPhone 5 has the most amazing app store. This is the largest app store that is available for any smartphone and offers about 775,000 apps and tools for the users. There are apps to suit the interest of users of all age groups and most of the apps in the app store are free.

3. Screen Size: Many phones have a large screen and many phones have small screens. But when it comes to Apple iPhone 5, it has a screen size of 4" which makes it good enough for browsing and chatting and also convenient to carry. On the other hand, there are many phones which have huge screens and are not easy to carry around.

4. Great Security Feature: iPhone 5 has great security against hackers and is safe from many kinds of cybercrimes in comparison to the other mobile phones in the market. The iPhone is well equipped to safeguard the phone from hackers.

5. Durability: In comparison to the other phones available in the market, iPhone 5 is far more durable.

6. Best Gaming Experience: iPhone 5 is a must for people who love to play games on their phones. The huge app store offers a large number of games and the high performance features of the phone provide the best gaming experience to the users.

So, switch to an iPhone 5 today and be rest assured that it is very easy to find iPhone 5's replacement parts and thus the investment in definitely worth it.

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