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Quick Charging Tips For Your Smartphones – Without Charger or with Charger

With the beginning of the 21st century, we are generally advancing towards an era in which we will not be able to imagine life without gadgets. Of these gadgets, the most advanced are the smartphone. With the advent of the smartphone, almost all our daily-life issues have come to an end. For example: video connectivity, international calling, financial/ banking, transportation, shopping, groceries and all other paraphernalia can be just solved by a touch of a finger. But to solve all such issues, we have to have enough charge in our smartphone. Therefore in this article, there will be some procedures by which you can charge your smartphone in a fast manner without much hassle.

How To Charge Your Samsung Smartphone Without A Charger?

This question will strike your mind. Most of you will think that it is impossible. It may happen that you are caught up somewhere and your phone’s battery is dead. It happens most of the time with everyone. But if you don’t have a portable charger at your disposal, then you might be in a real fix. For example, you may be stuck somewhere, you need to call someone urgent or maybe there is an emergency call that has to be made. But your cellphone is dead.

There is a simple trick as to how you can just get enough charge to make that one call. The steps are as follows:

  • Firstly take your Samsung smartphone in our hand. Then gently remove the back panel of your Samsung smartphone.
  • You will see that there is battery attached. You have to slowly take out this battery. The reason we say slowly is because in a hurry you can damage the push-in 3 copper strips which transfer the charge from the battery to your smartphone and make it run.
  • After taking the battery out of your smartphone, rub the battery gently on your pant or shirt (whichever is made of a coarse material).image-01
  • Then start to rub it a little faster now. It is done to heat up the battery.A battery is generally made up of electrodes and a chemical inside. When this battery is connected in a circuit the chemical reaction takes place producing electrons to flow to the circuit and this hence leads to the production of current on the opposite side. Therefore, in a simple method by rubbing the smartphone battery, we are heating up the battery. By doing that we are actually heating up the chemical so that it can store charge in from of electrons.
  • Next, after rubbing it for at least ten minutes check whether it is warm. If it is not, then rub it again for some more time.
  • After this, place the battery into its proper place in a smartphone. Put the back panel of the Samsung smartphone back.
  • Lastly, press the power button of your Samsung smartphone and you will see that it will turn on. The amount of charge will be very less though (under 5 %). But it should be enough to make that emergency call.image-02

How To Charge Your iPhone Very Fast?

Around the world, a large number of people use an iPhone. iPhone has a common problem i.e. less battery backup. It is because of the features that are added to the iPhone that makes its battery drop down fast. As per convention, once the battery goes down we will put it to charge. But normal charging would take about an hour or more. Hence we have brought for you a trick to charge up your iPhone in almost 10 seconds or less. You can get more than 70% charge by this method even if have a single digit charge.

To charge your phone by this method you need to follow the steps given below:

Things needed for the process:

  • Your iPhone.
  • Your iPhone charger.
  • An aluminum foil.

The method:

  • Check the amount of charge on your iPhone. Let’s say you have 6% charge remaining.image-start
  • Firstly, you need to take an aluminium sheet and cut it making the length longer but precisely in width of your iPhone with the help of a pair of scissors.
  • Now you have to place your iPhone in the middle and wrap the aluminum sheet over the iPhone such that it is a snug fit.image-4
  • Take your phone charger and plug the cable into phone charging port.image-5
  • We have now approached to the easiest step. After plugging in the port “Count for 10 seconds”.
  • Now slowly remove the charger from your phone.
  • Unwrap the aluminum foil from your iPhone.
  • Press the lock button or the home button on your iPhone. It should show a minimum of above 70% instantly on your iPhone.

Hence by this method, it is easy for you to use the phone for a longer time because you are able to charge your phone in so less a time. Try this out for yourself to find out.

Also, iPhone has brought in the new iFan. It is designed by Tjeerd Veenhoven who is a 3D interior and exterior designer, with the help of a modified computer fan. The wind turbine of the iFan helps the iPhone users to charge their iPhones using the green power by the wind. Hence when you are up for a ride on your bicycle or motorcycle make sure to add this iFan to your vehicle. It takes about around a total of six hours to fully charge the iPhone.

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