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Predictions on the Future of iPhone Cables

With Apple coming out with new devices almost as fast as we can blink, keeping up with the latest technology at times can be challenging. While there are always improvements for making them more efficient, some things have for the most part been consistent.

One of those consistencies has been the cable used to charge the iPhone and iPad. Since its inception Apple provided its mobile device users with a 30-pin dock connector that plugged into a USB adapter.

Then on September 12, 2012, Apple introduced its Lightning connector to work with its newer devices including the iPhone 5 and 4th generation iPad. With it came a new 8-pin connector to carry a digital signal that can be inserted either face up or face down.

Now though with it being 2016, it is just a matter of time until new charging and wire features becoming the norm for the iPhone and iPad. Here are a few predictions:

  • Charging will be able to be accomplished wirelessly. Yes other manufacturers are currently doing this already, but Apple will be able to have its devices charge wirelessly, much more quickly. In fact, a full charge will be able to happen within 5 to 7 minutes with just a flip of a switch.
  • The sun will power your iPhone. Taking the wireless prediction one step further, in the future you will be able to charge your iPhone outdoors with the help of solar power. That means you don't need to be near a wireless charging station and you will have a full charge every time you walk outside your door (during daylight hours).
  • Apple devices will have no outlets for wires what so ever. Not only does that mean no charging outlet but no outlet for headphone speakers either. Everything will be able to become accomplished (i.e.-syncing, transferring files, listening to music and of course charging) via Blue-Tooth and other wireless technologies.

Besides the wires, here are a few other predictions when it comes to future iPhones:

3D Capability

Not only will you able to take photos in 3D, but you will also be able to see these images in 3D on your screen. You will also be able to take and watch video in 3D right on your phone.

Flip iPhones will arrive

When cell phones first came into existence flip phones were some of the most popular models. Then with the emergence of smart phones, flip phones started to become obsolete. Apple, thought will create a future iPhone, smartphone that will be in the shape of a flip phone. This will allow the screen to expand, depending on how the phone is utilized. For example, the phone can be closed when talking on it but opened when using it to watch a movie or playing a game.

iPhones will be able to drive cars

With cars becoming more technologically savvy every day, soon you will be able to allow the iPhone to drive your car. You simply plug in where you want to go and the iPhone will navigate the car to that destination. This will help people that maybe drowsy and/or under the influence of alcohol to get to a destination safely and without the worry of an accident. In addition, it will allow people without a driver's license to get from point A to point B as the driving would be done completely with technology.

iPhones will connect with more devices.

Yes you can currently connect your iPhone to your garage door, thermostat and lights but future iPhones will be able to take connectivity one step further. In the future you will be able to connect your iPhone with other household devices such as to turn on ovens and microwaves to cook food as well as connect with devices that will be able to clean homes, mow lawns and do laundry.

While these are all predictions and exciting thoughts, if there is a company out there that can turn these "fantasies" into a reality it is for sure Apple and its iPhone device. Now it's just a matter of "when" features like these will occur.

If you have any questions, please ask below!