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Mobile Phone Accessories of the Future

Technology change is taking place at a very fast pace. Every mobile phone manufacturing company is working hard to ensure that it is the first to come up with a mobile phone accessory that will attract new customers and keep the existing customers from opting to buy products from other manufacturers. This has led to persistent improvement in the technologies in use and the birth of many new concepts. Discussed below are some of the mobile phone accessories of the future that will revolutionize your phone;

1. Green/eco-friendly chargers

eco-friendly chargers

The concept of green chargers arose due massive campaigns all over the world to promote products that do not harm the environment. This has led to the development of eco-friendly batteries that will benefit the future generations. An example of an eco-friendly charger is a solar powered belt or bracelet that acts as a charger. With this type of charger, you do not need to have an electrical socket to charge your phone. The solar panels on you belt or bracelet accumulate power that can be used to charge your battery when power runs low. This way, you can charge you phone anywhere, even when walking to work.

2. Power- fingered battery

Power- fingered battery

With this kind of batteries, carrying your phone’s charger around will not be necessary anymore. Your fingers will be used charge your battery. This will be a very helpful accessory for people who spend most of their time outdoors. To charge your battery using your fingers, you will have to pull it out of your phone, hold it using your thumb and the index finger and spin it using the other index finger. This is not be a new concept because it has been used for decades in wrist watch. It only requires modification to be used for mobile phones.

3. Motion chargers

Motion charger

These are chargers that are going to be used when people are on the move. They will be place on things such as shoes to tap the kinetic energy developed when one is running or walking around. Again, this will be most helpful to those who spend most of there time outside the house since they will not have to worry about their phone batteries running low.

4. Medical stylus

Medical stylus

The medical stylus is also one among the mobile phone accessories of the future. The stylus will give your phone the ability to detect sickness and measure you body temperature. The stylus, in conjunction with the software on your phone, will analyse your prevailing health conditions and suggest the methods of treatment that can be used to relieve you from the disease you are suffering from.

5. Fold out screens

Fold out screens

To create phones with large screens that can easily be carried around, phones with fold out screens are likely to emerge in future. The accessory will enable a mobile phone user unfold up to 40 inches to watch music videos, sports, news etc. using their phones. When watching is done, you can then fold the screen and put your phone back to your pocket. This accessory will help save on space required to carry a phone.

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