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Mobile Devices Improve the Catering Industry

internet-cateringMobile technology is changing the world and makes small business owners' lives easier. Smart phones, tablets and other mobile technology make the behind the scenes work of running a business a lot easier.

Mobile storage of information reduces the amount of paperwork that owners have to log and keep track of.

This is especially handy for workers in the catering industry because they already have to keep track of so many different food items and other equipment. Mobile technology also keeps busy caterers' schedules in their hands so they always are on top of what they need to do next.

Owners and managers can always access their email.

Smart phones are also great for the catering industry because caterers can have access to their email at all times. This is good for caterers and their customers because customers can reach their caterers even when they are busy out and about running around preparing for events. Caterers also aren't the type of business owners who sit around in an office all day, so without smart phones they would not be reachable.

Being available to answer emails from wherever owners may be at the time is also important for maintaining a good business image. If customers know your business is reliable and available to contact at all times, then you are putting yourself above other businesses that aren't reachable.

You can have mobile credit card payment.

Mobile technology is also becoming a crucial element for reaching more markets. Mobile technology such as credit card swipers for smart phones makes it easier for caterers to accept payments for big orders instead of having to accept personal checks. The ability for caterers to accept payment remotely is crucial to the industry today.

They improve social media efforts and workers productive.

Smart phones and tablets also make it easier for caterers to update their social media. Social media constantly needs to be updated if businesses want to stay at the forefront of their followers' minds. Updating needs to be consistent and daily, if not a few times a day. Since caterers aren't generally around computers a lot because they are out at events, smart phones make it easier for them to access social media and keep it updated.

It can be especially useful to keep staff members working while they are driving from site to site. So if there are three workers in the catering van, the ones that aren't driving can still be productive since they are on the clock and getting paid. They can update social media or write blog posts and brainstorm ideas for social media marketing and engagement.

A GPS makes finding event locations easier.

One obvious technology that really benefits caterers is a GPS. Caterers are constantly on the move and going to events at new places. A GPS can help out drivers who don't know where they are going or are directionally challenged. Even if you run a catering business in a small town, there are still plenty of places that you might not know how to get to exactly in the shortest amount of time. When caterers travel to a place for an event, they don't have time to get lost. Not only does getting lost mean the food could potentially get cold, but also they could be late for an event, which would be detrimental to that business relation.

Some restaurants are switching to use digital menus but this isn't necessary for catering businesses because many of the times the menus are picked when the caterer is booked. It is helpful to have your menu online though so people can call in and make orders or order online instead of coming to your place of business to see a menu.

Ryan Davis is the owner of Argyle Catering Co., a catering service in Jefferson City, Mo. Ryan has demonstrated excellence in the catering industry for the past 5 years and continues to serve delicious food to a mass of events.

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