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Is It Possible to Prevent the iPhone Error 4013?

The iPhone or iTunes error 4013 is one of the scariest errors you can come across as an iPhone user. It is essentially a hardware issue that shows up as a result of miscommunication between your iOS device and iTunes. And it shows up just when you intend to either update or restore your phone. You can see why it is a scary error because it shows up in the most crucial of moments. Most people are anxious or troubled when they want to either update or restore their phones. During such moments, the last thing you want is an error of any kind. There are various possible solutions to this problem, but is it possible for people to prevent the occurrence of the problem in the first place?

Maybe Yes, Maybe No

The main reason for the occurrence of the error is faulty hardware. It could be the port on your iOS device or the USB cable you are using to do the required updates, upgrades, or restore. Nevertheless, what causes faulty hardware? What may cause the port on your iPhone to cause poor communication between devices? What may cause your USB cable to cause poor data transfer and communication between your iPhone and iTunes? There are various things that can cause these problems and that is why it is sometimes difficult to determine where the problem is.

It is not common to come across fake iPhone USB cables but counterfeits are there. Apple’s reputation is based on quality, durable, and reliable products. However, there are still people who manage to produce USB cables that work with iOS devices around 75% of the time. The remaining 25% means these cables will fail at some point or will have issues that will cause them not to work properly. Hence, one of the reasons you may get the error 4013 is if you use such cables. One of the ways we can prevent this error from showing up is ascertaining that we are always using an authentic iOS device cable.

There is also drunk plugging; this is when you try to plug in the USB cable on your iOS device when you are not thinking straight, like when you are drunk or not paying attention to what you are doing, such that you keep missing the port and messing it up. The USB port for iOS devices can survive some brutality but there is only so much that they can handle. In as much as Apple produces quality products, not 100% of them will be of the same quality standard. Therefore, drunk plugging can cause your port not to function properly, hence, leading to a miscommunication between your device and iTunes.

Sometimes, you just got a faulty device. In such a case, if your warranty is still valid, you can make the most of it. However, if it is long expired, you may want to start thinking of investing in a new device or looking for someone who can repair it – I highly doubt you’ll easily or cheaply find such a person (if you have such a person at your disposal, good for you).

The problem is that it is difficult to tell whether it is the USB cable that’s the problem or the port. Sometimes you can tell if it is the cable when using a different one works just fine, but the one you are used to doingn’t. Nevertheless, if after trying out different cables you still experience the same problem, then the USB port on your device may be the culprit.

I could say that it is possible to prevent the error 4013 from ever bothering you by:

  • always using authentic iOS USB cables
  • not drinking and plugging
  • making sure you always plug sober
  • pay attention when plugging
  • not leaving your phone with careless people

These could be possible solutions to preventing the 4013 error from ever showing up but there are things that are outside our control, like the quality of the iOS device we buy. Otherwise, the above options are valid options. I bet that as long as the iOS device we have is of good quality and we observe the above options, then it is possible to prevent the error from ever showing up.

In the event it shows up, there are third-party applications like ‘dr. fone – repair’ that can effectively remedy the issue. I said it is a scary error because it shows up in desperate moments, but don’t confuse scary with ‘impossible to remedy’. There are solutions to this problem; it is just that often, prevention is better than cure.

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