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IPhone Navigation Apps for Car Owners

All car owners think they need GPS. Yes, GPS is a great device that will help you not get lost and find the most suitable ways to your destinations. However, very few drivers actually think of using their mobile devices as GPS. Why? In the majority of cases, it is caused by lack of necessary software. iPhones, as well as Android devices generally have powerful GPS modules. However, if you want to get the best of your GPS you need adequate software. When it comes to iPhones, there are plenty of apps that you can use in your car for pure GPS purposes. At the same time, a wide array of apps is a problem in itself. You cannot choose the right one, unless you are somewhat seasoned in these sorts of things. So, let's look at the best iPhone apps for navigation.



Do you know what's uncommon for iPhone apps? It's probably the fact that they are free. So, Waze is 100% free and this is something I like the most. Also, it relies on information submitted by users. What kind of info? Car jams, construction, accidents etc. Sure, the app offer voice guiding and re-routing in case current routes are unavailable. Not too bad for a free application that you can download, install and you are all set to go.

Google Maps


The only disadvantage of Google Maps is that you cannot use them offline (in fact, you can download smaller maps for offline usage, but not maps of countries). Again, this app is 100% free. Google Maps offers lots of great features, voice guidance, info on points of interest and what not. You will never miss a cool side road restaurant or a gas station with incredibly low prices. Besides, Google regularly updates its services, so you will regularly receive updates for Google Maps. If you have a cheap 3G mobile traffic plan, Google Maps is the best you can get.



Scout is offered for free, while premium edition costs $10. Not much for a powerful application, right? You may not be aware of it, but Scout is one of the oldest players in the market of navigation apps for cell phones. No data connection needed!

Motion X GPS

Motion X GPS

Although this is not a fee app, its price is ridiculous-$0.99. Motion X GPS premium features would cost a bit more-almost $10. What kind of premium features? It's voice guidance and sharing your location in social networks. Motion X has a very modern interface which is incredibly user friendly.

CoPilot GPS


For a full version of CoPilot you will have to fork out $20. The application does not use the Internet connection to download maps. This is great for users having a poor connection or no connection at all. It offers a standard set of navigational features, including voice guidance.

So, next time you think of buying a GPS device, look at your iPhone that is always with you. Good luck!

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