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How to Switch to a Used iPhone?

Used iPhone is always a useful one. Though, people always have this misconception in mind that used iPhones or any other smartphones could always turn out to be something not so great to be invested in. But if you know how to really make use of the used iPhone you are surely going to be Added something really beneficial as there are a lot of benefits of buying and using an iPhone that is used. Of course, you must follow a few steps before using a used iPhone and set it out for your daily use. As used devices have a lot of data on them already and it is always better to get rid of this data as this doesn’t belong to you or even if it does you can easily transfer it to another device and make the used iPhone certainly turn out to be almost a new one.

Here in this blog, we will mostly discuss setting up a used iPhone completely ready to use for the new user:

How to set up a used iPhone for your use?

When it comes to transferring your data from iPhone to iPhone that is iOS to iOS it is quite of simple steps that have to be followed:

  1. Using iCloud

The very first thing you must do is make sure that both the devices that contains the data and the one which you want to transfer it on and make sure it is connected to power and the Wi-Fi and the connection are strong enough which doesn’t lose in between the transfer.

You need to search for the app and data screen on the iPhone on which you want the data to be transferred And you can simply select restore from the iCloud backup option.

Life on the screen will keep on guiding you with guidelines that we followed to complete the transfer. Follow as it says for a successful transfer.

  1. Using iTunes

As simple as using iTunes and transferring the data we have been doing it for a while now. One must connect their old iPhone which contains the data to a PC or a laptop and transfer all the data on it or simply back it up and keep it.

Why do you configure your new iPhone or the iPhone on which you have to transfer the data you can simply click on Restore from the iTunes backup I’m simply connected to the phone to the computer all the laptops and switching on iTunes to transfer the data.

You can simply choose your phone and click on restore backup which will help you select the back of you created with your previous mobile phone that contains all your data.

  1. Keeping the iPhone close to the other iPhone

While you try to transfer data from one iPhone to another make sure that both of the devices are connected to the Wi-Fi And power and that the connection is strong enough and doesn’t lose in between the transfer.

The new device you have a new mobile phone in which you want to switch your data must be running iOS 11 or above and not any previous versions of the software updates as it might not be able to transfer the data if it is working on the older versions of the software.

As the iPhone that you want to transfer more time is new or even if it’s all it must be reset by you before transferring the data and after you do this there will be a pop-up on the screen which will say set of the new iPhone you must click on it and follow the necessary steps as the phone screen tells you to. You must obviously have an Apple ID and if you do not have one you can create it easily while setting up your iPhone.

How can you switch from an android device to a used iPhone?

Do not have to worry about if at all you have to switch from Android to iPhone because if you have many versions of the software of iOS 9 or above you can very simply switch from android to iOS without much hassle.

Make sure that both the devices are connected to power and Wi-Fi connection is strong enough during the transfer.

The first thing you have to make sure of is that your iPhone has enough space to take the data that you will be transferring from the android device to the iOS. Also, Do you have to download a free move to iOS application on your android device?

You can easily follow the other steps which will be guided to you on the device screen why you do this:-

  • On the iPhones app and data screen, you will have to choose the option move Data from android.
  • And on the android device you will have the pop-up in the application which you just downloaded move to iOS. The options will be as such, continue, agree, and next.
  • You also need to click on continue from the iPhone and you have to enter or 6 to 10 digit code that should appear on the iPhone and then connect with your android device.
  • Transfer data will appear on the screen that you need to transfer and you can simply select whatever data you want to transfer from an Android device to an iOS device.
  • You can simply continue but having on next and wait for the loading bar to complete the transfer put simply pop-up on your iPhone screen once it finishes.
  • And you are already configuring your new device on your own like the usual process.


The above-mentioned steps can be easily followed by an individual and perform the task on the I want to transfer the data as per their suitability. Though, there is any confusion related to the mentioned steps you can always contact the experts who will help you to perform the above-mentioned tasks and easily transfer your data from one device to another. You can also contact to know about old iPhones or any other smartphones while you are trying to switch. You can sell an old mobile phone and make some money to get a new iphone.

If you have any questions, please ask below!