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How to Clean Your Smartphone Effectively

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Do you ever wash your hands before taking your expensive Smartphone in your hand? You might feel it is weird that how it is possible to remember every time to wash/clean hands before attending Smartphone. Well, true but taking good care of your Smartphone for which you have paid an arm and leg certainly makes difference.

Holding an expensive smartphone is just not enough and maintaining is more important. No doubt holding an expensive gadget leaves great impression on whosoever watches you with it. But not when you expensive range of Smartphone is looking shabby and untidy. So, it is obvious to keep it clean, it is just about basic cleaning which will enhance its overall performance and look.

Smartphone have been repeatedly found to be one of those things that we most touch. In certain tests, it has been found that your Smartphone contain more germs than anywhere else. You just don't want to put your ear and head to something full of germs, make sure that your Smartphone is regularly cleaned.

Cleaning your expensive smartphone is easy and affordable. Yes it is true. You don't have to take to some hi-end store or to provide it with professional cleaning. The cleaning process is simple and can be done home in few minutes.

Basic steps for cleaning your Smartphone at home

Obviously, you didn't want your expensive Smartphone to get scratches and stains, when you try cleaning it, so make sure whatever cleaning things you use, are smooth texture such as cotton swab, soft cloth, soft bristle and a house-hold cleaner. Here are some basics steps you may follow while cleaning your Smartphone at home. Check them out, these can be useful.

  • Once you have picked up your cleaning things you can straight-away start the cleaning process, however ensure that your phone is not plugged in into any device or is in charging mode. If so, disconnect.
  • Start wiping vertically or horizontally across your touch-screen repeating in one direction with soft cloth or cotton swab. The wiping across will sweeps off the grime of the screen, camera lens, and keypad. It is the safest way to clean.
  • Use little of your house-hold cleaner, never add soap or other sorts of chemical agents and dip a slightly damp, so that the liquid doesn't go inside your gadget.
  • Remove the cover/case in case your Smartphone is covered, this way you will be effectively clean the edges and corners. To clean in between key spaces, you need to take help of cotton ball, slightly damp in the cleaner and rub along gently. It will remove all the minute dust particles and make the key functioning smooth.
  • Never be in a haste to turn on your Smartphone. Allow it to dry for some time before putting in the battery and other spare parts if you have removed.

With thorough, regular cleaning you will be able to keep your hard earned Smartphone as new as how you got it from store. It certainly helps in giving you better performance and functionality in long run. Why not try yourself and find it out, since the idea of being it costly process might be budging you then you are certainly wrong here.

Cleaning Sensitive Mobile Parts is Also Important and Should Be Done Carefully

Since it is an electronic device it is important that you unplug it from the charge and see that it is completely switched off. No matter what you are using for cleaning, it is not recommendable to clean when the cell phone is on.

  • With utmost care you need to dismantle and separate the mobile parts. Taking off the case and the battery and has to kept aside.
  • You can use wipes to clean the inside of the cell phone. It is simple cleaning process and this way it is easy to clean the individual parts nicely. Make sure that you take a fresh wipes while cleaning a new part.
  • Also, you can use a soft cloth that you can gently use to clean the screen. Anything that is smooth in texture can be used for cleaning the sensitive mobile parts because there will be scratching.
  • Another way to clean the sensitive mobile part such as PCBs is to use alcohol. Dab some of them onto the cotton ball to clean. It is a common technique for killing the germs. A gentle rubbing will help get clear the dirt and dust easily.
  • Make sure that the battery remains out of this, no liquids and sprays should be put on the battery.
  • Before assembling it, make sure that all the mobile parts are completely dry and then use it.

Devices such as ultrasonic cleaners are widely available and helpful for better cleaning the sensitive mobile parts at home. These cleaners are available under different brand and prices, to know more which will be the better one to purchase, browse the Internet and compare the features and prices. Having ultrasonic cleaners will really make the cleaning process quick and hassle free.


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