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How to Build a Mobile Phone Signal Booster on Your Own

I have seen plenty of people complain about weak mobile phone signals, resulting in call drops, bad call quality, internet problems and so on. In fact I myself have faced the same issue quite often due to various reasons. While I have tried to solve the issue by talking to my carrier's tech support, it doesn't always work, especially if the problem lies elsewhere.

There can be various reasons for your mobile phone to miss out on good signal strength. Before I tell you how you can build a mobile phone signal booster at home, lets look at the reasons why you may face issues with the mobile phone signals.

The causes for problems with mobile signals

cellphone-signalFirstly, your mobile may be out of the coverage area. Under such circumstances, there is very little that you can do to get hold of a strong signal.

Next, if your mobile phone's battery is almost discharged or faulty, your phone may fail to hook on to a good signal. Under such circumstances, you need to charge up the battery or get it replaced if you think that it is already damaged.

There are a number of other simple causes for the quality of signal to be weak on your mobile phone. Let us now look at how you can go about making a DIY mobile phone signal booster at home.

Raw materials

Before you begin with the exercise, there are a number of things that you may want to have handy. You would generally require four items to build you the correct mobile phone signal booster. These are aninsulated wire, a skewer, adhesive tape and a wire cutter.

Setting it up


Once you have the raw materials handy, you need to follow a few simple steps to get things done.

Firstly, measure 1 foot of the insulated wire and cut it off cleanly with the wire cutter. This will give you around 30 centimetres of the insulated wire. From this, measure 5 centimetres and bend it at a 90 degrees angle.

Now get hold of the skewer and the insulated wire. Starting from the bend you created in the wire, wrap the wire around the skewer in the form of coils, keeping some space between each coil you make.

Once you have used up the whole wire to do this, pull out the skewer and you will get a coiled insulated wire. This is actually going to work as your external antenna. Use the wire cutter and strip off the insulation from the bent end of the insulated wire. This should not be more than 1 or 2 centimetres.

Locate the antenna of your phone and place the naked end of the coil you created in contact with the mobile phone's antenna. Strap this up with the adhesive tape, and you have a DIY mobile phone signal booster ready for use!

This video shows an alternative method to make a cell phone signal booster:[youtube]

If you are facing a serious problem with mobile phone signals at home, check a few websites like and others to get more information of authentic and reliable mobile phone signal booster products.

David L. is an electronics and telecommunication expert. In this article David explained how you can make a mobile phone signal booster on your own at home.

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